Memberium Membership Plugin Review

Developing a powerful membership site with WordPress and Infusionsoft was a great struggle before Memberium came into play.

Memberium is designed as a premium WordPress plugin that helps you in building a powerful membership site. It works with any WordPress theme and adapts to every layout. Popular digital marketers use it, as it allows WordPress sites the feature to handle an Automated Membership site. Also, it is regarded as the best membership plugin for Infusionsoft.

The deeper you get to know Memberium, the more impressed you will be about the features it offers. Memberium works as a dynamic platform that can seamlessly integrate with Infusionsoft and a learning/course plugin.

But if you are unsure about Memberium - what it does and how it works with Infusionsoft. Here's a short review for you to be certain about your choice for this plugin. So, before going on the only negative side of Memberium, we will first discuss its positive sides.

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Features of Memberium

First of all, it is a complete package of merits, which makes it stand out of the box as compared to other plugins.

Easy installation guides and videos

Memberium provides its users with guides, videos tutorials with instructions, so that anyone who doesn't know how memberium works or wants to learn more about this system, they can always refer to these videos. These videos contain detailed descriptions on how it works.

Moreover, if you are facing any issues or problems anywhere you can solve it too with the help of guides.

Easy to use

With the amazing feature of handling your own automated membership site there's no space for you to face any type of hardships as Memberium is very easy to use. Even if you are new to this WordPress plugin you can efficiently use all the automated features included in Infusionsoft to handle  and manage access to content on your WordPress site. 

In addition, with one click you can easily upgrade or downgrade your account. Suppose, if you are subscribing to a product then the campaign can sign up your account as well as it can unsubscribe you from other stuff.

Easy Integration with WordPress 

Memberium is considered the complete package of integrations. Using these integrations you can connect with Infusionsoft and use the features of popular WordPress plugins like Yoast, Ninjaforms, Gravityforms, BBpress Learndash and WooCommerce.

Limitless membership levels and free trials

Memberium will help provide unlimited membership and free trial options to your users.

Every customer wants their company to give a free trial so that they can be sure about its services and can rely on. Hence, this WordPress plugin facilitates free or trial membership levels to all its users so that they can enjoy and experience each of its facilities.

Moreover it allows the users to subscribe/buy multiple membership levels as all membership levels are not constructed in proper rankings.

Memberium allows the setup of various membership sites on various subdomains under a user's registered domain.

Tons of Shortcodes

Memberium has a wide variety of advanced shortcodes. These shortcodes are of great importance as they allow you to run infusionsoft actions in WordPress and also integrates data from infusionsoft to WordPress. Memberium Shortcodes are of various types:-

  • Contact shortcodes
  • Infusionsoft shortcodes
  • Umbrella shortcodes
  • WordPress shortcodes
  • Content visibility shortcodes

These shortcodes can be used with pagebuilders like Elementor, WPBakery to give your membership pages the look you want.

Other features

  • One-click upgradation by links
  • One time upgradation offers at the initial purchase
  • Advanced analytics/social media integration
  • Live support & training
  • Satisfaction guarantee or Money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Free Prebuilt page templates
  • Connect to infusionsoft apps
  • 1 Licence for unlimited use of 1 domain & unlimited installs
  • 24/7 dedicated supporting team

Demerits of Memberium

Apart from all these outstanding features, Memberium also faces some challenges like, uncertainty about the future of the product, small team handling the project and also that the plugin code is not GPL.

Is Memberium worth buying?

Undoubtedly, it is recommended for buying if you are willing to link Infusionsoft with WordPress. But there are better membership plugins for WordPress that you can try.


Memberium is a powerful plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and manage a membership website. It is easy to use, and the support team is always willing to help. The price point is a key thing to think about.

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web

Application Category: WordPress, Web Development, Programming, Community

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