shopping needsThe online market of India, where no one, not even e-commerce giants like Amazon & eBay thought about a successful online business, has turned into real fodder of online shopping startups. It is really interesting to see how e-commerce has recently evolved here. While multi-product malls are yet to reach the masses, online shopping based startups are already covering the whole country. Companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Jabong & Amazon have already taken places to common Indian mindset because of their aggressive marketing strategies. It was Flipkart, a relatively very smaller company than Amazon (at that time) that started the startup revolution. Amazon turned out to be so late to adapt Indian market that when they entered with their website, Indian market was already eaten completely by Flipkart. Meanwhile, more companies like Snapdeal & Jabong were evolving in this mean time and, showing strong competition to Flipkart. Lately, more company joined the battle along with an apologetic amazon. This growth has continued since then and taken place to every corner of the country. The market is getting more condensed and daily more startups are emerging with promises to help you get anything you wish at your door step. From a pen to laptops, a small paper pad to huge kitchen needs – we now have all types of shopping solutions. These are the new multi-brand malls available with just an Internet connection and a suitable device. This is the reason why online shopping is so accepted nowadays and is available to even the remote-most areas of the country.


Consumer or producer, everyone now knows the effect of online shopping. That is why products are being launched online before they could get to the real markets. With increasing competition, everyone wants to get the best of it. Producers want their products to be sold while the consumers want their purchases to be best in both quality & cost. While quality is maintained by no-other-than the producers, cost prices are controlled by demand & supply ratios. To control the demand (& supply), producing companies can either increase or decrease prices of their products accordingly with the help of their e-commerce hosts. Here online shopping portals come to rescue. Online shopping websites launch various promotional offers for their users to boost both sales and reach.

Some shopping sites like Flipkart reduce prices by promotional offers and while some conclude those by the use of coupons, like Paytm – even some of the sites like Snapdeal try both.

There are hundreds of sites selling the same product at different prices. For example, once when Flipkart was selling an MI Pad for ₹ 12,999 – Snapdeal was providing some really great offers on electronics which resulted this tablet being available for just ₹ 9,999. There happen to be no reasons to say no to this offer. I bought it from Snapdeal and saved my precious 3,000 rupees. In another example, if I hadn’t the Lenskart coupon code I used while buying my spectacles – I couldn’t have saved those 1200 rupees on a frame + glasses combo.

Long story short: shopper alerted with newest offers & coupons is saving a lot than other who aren’t that alert.

But who on the planet earth wants to stumble around Internet whole day searching for various offers & coupons? Seriously, for the sake of my valuable time I won’t do that.

Here coupon collectors come to the rescue. Coupon collectors are websites & mobile apps that find latest offers and coupon codes and share them to people in need. is a pretty decent website for this cause. According to their about page, they help online shoppers to get coupons, deals and offers for all online shopping websites in India at one place. True to an extent. CouponzGuru is a practice towards the perfection in coupon sector. Unlike other sites of the same niche, they don’t only showcase offers from top e-commerce companies but also include offers from low & medium level e-commerce startups from all across the India.

Why CouponzGuru?


Seriously, I am not going to compare this with any other coupon portal. But at its own, is a solo champion for Indian shoppers. No matter what, if you are looking for offers from top to bottom online stores or categorized offers from Mobile & Electronics, Clothing & Shoes, Flights & Travels, Food & Groceries – CouponzGuru has got your back. Not just this, the website also lists the best offers around debit & credit cards of various banks in their bank based offers page. They have become a one stop free shop to get all latest, working and genuine coupon codes, promo deals and discount offers in India. is a binational portal of Vihaan web solutions, a startup based in India & Singapore. They have really done a great work on the site. The site is lightweight and loads extremely fast on all devices due to its responsive UI & fast paced servers. Instead of creating yet another mobile app they have focused on universal usability. That means, irrespective of which device you are using, you can always access the website with just a browser. The site appears very good on all kind of devices, a desktop, laptop or a handheld. On mobile, sometimes it’s ruined by poor placement of popups & sticky elements, especially when the user is on a 4.5 inch or smaller device. Ads are, however properly configured, and for me they showed nothing else but shopping offers. Also, the content is properly configured & catchy to be used by first time users as the most intriguing offers take place on the front page. The front page is quite dynamic and is changed possibly after each two or three days.

couponzguru responsive

Main features of CouponzGuru

  • Brilliant user interface. Intuitive design. Responsive & Mobile friendly.
  • Great loading time on both mobile & desktop.
  • Hottest & most used offers on top so that you don’t need to ponder a lot for offer around your favorite stores.
  • There are separate sections for each shopping site too. Like there are different pages for each of Flipkart offers, Snapdeal coupons, Jabong coupons, Paytm coupons etc.
  • Small or giant, all types of stores are covered.
  • From food to travel, clothes to electronics – offers around all categories are available.

Verdict has a professional approach and they gather offers from hundreds of shops. That makes them undoubtedly, one of the most extensive coupon collectors of the country. I recommend and suggest readers to give it a try before they buy anything online.

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What's good?
Brilliant user interface. Intuitive design. Responsive & Mobile friendly.
Great loading time on both mobile & desktop
Hottest & most used offers on top so that you don’t need to ponder a lot for offer around your favorite stores.
Separate sections for Separate shopping sites
Almost all sites & categories covered
What's not?
Lack of mobile app

Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
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