Designing a Logo for Your Tech Business

Designing a logo should be easy, right? Just choose a font for your company name and draw a couple of shapes and you’re set.

If only it were that simple. Much more thought needs to go into your logo than you may have initially realized, because your logo is going to serve as the official symbol for your business and how people recognize it.

If you need help designing your logo because you’re not a professional designer yourself, you may be attracted to the idea of using a DIY logo website to help you along. But as Flash Marks notes, “all DIY logo sites work the same way because they’re all designed to do the same job: Help you quickly brand your startup business with a professional-looking logo at no cost or low cost.”

But even so, all final decisions regarding your logo need to be made by you, the business owner, so with that in mind here are the top tips for designing the logo for your tech business:

Make It Recognizable

Under no circumstances should you copy or base your logo off of another. In fact, you’ll be treading dangerous waters if you even take inspiration from another logo.

You want your logo to be recognizable so that people can instantly identify it, and for it to be recognizable, it needs to be unique and original. It can’t be generic in any way, or else it’s going to seem too similar to the logos of others.

Simple Is Better

Think about some famous logos in history, such as the Nike or Apple logo. Both of them are incredibly simple and to their benefit: they’re more recognizable in the business world that way and they have withstood the test of time as icons in their own right.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Negative Space

While negative space can be improperly used, if done right it can be a very effective logo design trick.

Basically, negative space works when you have a letter or shape inside of another. A prime example of this is the FedEx logo, which has a hidden white arrow inside between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’ in the logo.

Keep It Active Over Passive

One of the most overlooked logo design tips of all is to make your logo active instead of being passive. Think of the Nike logo again, the swish-like checkmark. Is it active or passive? Clearly, it’s active. Another example is the Twitter logo, where the bird is clearly gaining altitude in the air by pointing upward.

Designing The Logo For Your Tech Business

Creating a logo for your tech business should be fun just as much as it is challenging. Don’t think that you have to follow a strict set of rules or else your logo is going to be bad. So long as your logo is recognizable and does a good job representing your business, it should be just fine.