Smarter Faster Better — The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business

Would an increase in your overall productivity improve your business, life or your skill set?

That’s the question author Charles Duhigg asks you. He highlights 8 key topics in the book, namely:

  • Motivation – You’ll learn how to motivate yourself to do anything by simply transforming your task into a choice.
  • Teams – You’ll discover, as a team leader (aka entrepreneur), the importance to give your staff control and why you need to give it to them. He uses Google to illustrate his point.
  • Focus – This chapter focuses on the power of mental models. Basically, you need to tell yourself stories in order to anticipate what’ll happen next. You do this to take charge of your attention, which as we all know, is limited in nature.
  • Goal Setting – Importance of coming up with Stretch goals and Smart goals
  • Managing Others – How to create a culture of trust within your organization.
  • Decision making – How to foresee the future through Bayesian Psychology.
  • Innovation – Why creativity is simply problem-solving and why you need to trust yourself to let your inner creativity flow freely.
  • Absorbing Data – Why you should be proactive to any new information you get and not just engage with it passively.

The book also comes with an appendix that shows you how to use the knowledge from the 8 chapters.

A handy book indeed.