LG launches V20 with focus on Next Level Multitasking, Audio & Video features

In an event in New Delhi, electronics pioneer LG launched their flagship phone LG V20 to Indian market. The phone is branded as a device that recollects the most plausible features that almost every other smartphone lack: impeccable audio and day to day moment capturing.  LG marketed V20 as smart yet tough considering mobile companies had never given the quality of audio or videos any significant importance and the user does not see the difference as the quality is unnoticeably different for all smartphones being of the same grade. Mainly focused on user experience & visual innovation LG V20 is aimed to surprise the generation by its build, specs and toughness. It truly is the flagship product from LG Mobiles in terms of both features & price.

First Impressions


First, I am not quite sure why the device was named V20. Only I could do was to guess if they had leaped to version 20 from their G4/G5 products and wanted to start afresh. Another hunch for the name was V2.0 with the dot escaped. Well, I guess both are true.

LG V20 was already launched in USA, in October 2016, ahead of this launch in India and they have had a splendid response over there. LG really needed a fresh start in India at least and it looks they have done well with this superphone.

LG V20 tells you at first touch why it is their (LG’s) best phone yet. It has more to offer than what it looks like on a 5.7 inch screen. It bests almost everything made in android smartphone market yet. On first use, I found the device is quite compact and soon started to wonder about the scope of a flaw. The chances seem rare as LG uses every single millimeter of the phone to put anything, anything possible and useful. Build quality is perfect, although sharp at some points and made with premium silicon alloys. Despite of being strong in hold & look, LG V20 is quite light and if compared to other 5.5+ inch devices, the smartphone feels easier to hold up. At first, it doesn’t feel like a 5.7 inch phone, except it really is.



LG V20 has an amazing QHD IPS capacitive corning gorilla glass display with dual screens having 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution and 5.7 inches display on main screen and 160 x 1040 pixels, 2.1 inches display on the second (notification) screen, at a pixel density of 513ppi. It looks stunning with metal finish on front and back. The hardware of the device is powered by a 2.15 GHz + 1.6 GHz Kryo Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor and runs over a powerful 4 GB RAM. The device comes with Android 7.0 Nougat as the operating system and has internal storage of 64 GB which can be expanded to up to 2TB (seriously?) using micro-SD card. The phone has dual SIM support with 4G+4G VoLTE standby. LG V20 is juiced up by a 3200mAH Li-ion battery, which is detachable and splits from the phone if fallen to ground – making the impact less on the screen. It comes with other relevant features like fingerprint sensor, rear flashlight etc.  Overall, the phone looks good and is packed with some amazing figures on the hardware end.

V20 is made of military grade metal and is layer with corning gorilla 4 glass. That means, the phone can bear high shocks and is almost indestructible in non-deliberate practices. It can survive a fall on even the toughest surfaces from around 4 feet. It comes with a detachable battery that detaches if the phone falls. LG advertised the phone for its toughness and they are true to it. The phone can survive as many falls on floors made of regular matters.


LG V20, as already mentioned, comes with Android Nougat aka Android 7.0, the latest in the market. The UI is customized to suit the needs of all kind of users and comes with various color UIs, fonts and interface tweaks (branded as LG UX 5.0). Since the display is of high pixel density, texts, images, games and videos look well and precise. 4GB RAM and 2.15 GHz + 1.6 GHz Kryo Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad core processor ensures flawless performance through multi-tasking. The phone comes some preloaded Google & LG applications for fulfilling the basic needs of user. Multitasking is innovated via the second screen that lies on the top of the phone which can be used to make shortcuts to important apps, read notifications and do important tasks, all beyond disturbing the main screen.



The V20 has a dual-lens system on the main & single-lens on front cameras. You can switch between wide-angle or standard lenses.

LG V20 has a superb camera. LG’s new camera technologies are embedded to this smartphone powering three cameras: 16MP+8MP dual primary and a good 5MP selfie camera, both with wide-angle lenses. Wide-angle lenses invoke more coverage in one image and can be optionally used to take stunning panorama or group-selfie photos. Both images & videos come clean and are less likely to be noisy or shaky in even the liveliest conditions. The phone shoots videos with a feature called Steady Record 2.0 that uses gyroscope-based image stabilization to smoothen the video output.

Not to miss, the camera software is engineered with some amazing professional level photography tools including the options to play with various photographic elements like lightning, ISO & what-not to guarantee the best camera experience one might get.

Audio & Video


LG V20 comes bundled with a free earphone offered by B&O Play, which can be used to enjoy hi-fi audio produced by Quad DAC (digital-to-analog conversion).

In association of B&O Play, LG has implemented new top-notch high-fidelity audio technologies to make recording & experience music & videos natural. Sound quality is very good but the recording precision is possibly the best in current mobile market. Sported with three-microphones, LG V20 records lossless 24-bit audio, making V20 the first phone to offer so. It can easily be used for professional level video recording or podcasting purpose.


Nothing falls short of expectation in hardware than a 3200 mAh battery.  The phone should be having enough juice power, considering the specifications given.

Protection Features

The phone is military grade – sure it is – making sure that the phone lasts longer than the usual. But it isn’t navy grade. With almost all flagships getting water-resistant protection, LGV20 fails to satisfy a power-user’s desire here. May be, water-resistance was not implemented due to the detachable battery. The phone though comes with an extra backup cover which can be used if the back-cover breaks or gets wasted.


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Overall, LG V20 is a wonder and deserves a high rating due to the innovations LG has put into it. Leaving no excuses, it is perfectly designed and executed features, LG V20 is possibly the best phone in market right now. But it is not ideal for all kind of users and is highly recommended only in flagship price-range of smartphones. LG V20 is priced at Rs. 54,990 in Indian market, almost the same as what was its price in US markets – $829.99 and comes in three colors – silver, pink & titan (gray). It can be ordered online from LG Brandstore.

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