In the past, enterprise-grade networking solutions were often out of reach for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Expensive networking servers and infrastructure was often too costly – leaving these smaller companies with compromised network performance and security.

But, thanks to recent advances in cloud-based infrastructure, there is a solution for small businesses that’s affordable, scalable, and easy to use – the Cisco Meraki network. This advanced, cloud-based network can be used by small businesses and enterprise companies alike – and it offers a number of benefits to smaller companies.

Powerful Network Performance With Cutting-Edge Wireless Access Points

The modern office is wireless – and without the right wireless access points, your network won’t live up to its full potential. Meraki Cloud network wireless access points (WAPs) feature the latest in connectivity technology.

These access points are built with enterprise-class 802.11ac wireless technology, to ensure that they support high-throughput networks such as gigabit fiber, and other advanced networking technologies. They can even handle multi gigabit throughput – up to 2.5gbps, in select models.

In addition, a dedicated security radio ensures that these access points are totally safe and secure, and also scans and adapts to any potential RF interference.

Simplified Scalability

Cisco Meraki products can be used for all parts of your network infrastructure – from firewalls, to network switches, access points, and more. Each Meraki system is connected directly to the Cisco Meraki cloud, which enables simplified setup. It’s easy to add, remove, and move Cisco Meraki products. This ensures that growing businesses can quickly add more network capacity as it is required.

At-A-Glance, “One Pane Of Glass” Monitoring With Mobile Support

Cisco Meraki helps businesses do more with less – and provides network and IT managers with all of the information that they need to get an “at-a-glance” assessment of network health. This single pane of glass approach unites data analytics, user monitoring, performance assessments, and more into a single, holistic view. IT managers can access this information anywhere – and with a streamlined mobile app, the network can even be managed on-the-go.

IT staff can also quickly assess the bandwidth use of individual users, block access by inappropriate or unsupported applications, and throttle bandwidth with just a few clicks. From laptops to phones, tablets, and more, all connected devices can easily be monitored.

Future-Proof And Maintenance-Free

Cisco Meraki devices get quarterly updates with the latest firmware and upgrades. These updates can be programmed to run automatically, or with the approval of your IT staff. Because the system is cloud-based, it’s easy to change the functionality of a device without requiring it to be disconnected from the Meraki Cloud net – ensuring minimal maintenance, and a future-proof design.

Simplified Remote Troubleshooting

The Cisco Meraki cloud platform contains a number of powerful troubleshooting tools that can be used on-the-go. Devices can be switched off and maintained remotely, from any location. In addition, comprehensive network reporting allows problem network areas to be quickly triaged and assessed – resulting in less downtime, and a more effective network.

Enterprise-Grade Support – At No Extra Cost

As a cloud-based service, Cisco Meraki comes with comprehensive support for all of its products – for no extra fee. All IT staff will be able to communicate with a dedicated Cisco support agent.

This ensures that any potential issues with the network can be solved quickly, and that your IT staff have all of the tools they need to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently.

Scalable, Affordable, And Efficient – The Power Of The Meraki Cloud Network

The Meraki Cloud is ideal for any SMB looking to invest in a long-term network architecture solution. It’s scalable and affordable – so you only pay for what you use, and can add additional network capacity as required. And with simple administration and cutting-edge network technology, it’s never been easier to maximize the efficiency of all your wireless and wired networks.


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