How to Keep Your Fantasy Football Draft Under the Salary Cap?

You're in the middle of your fantasy football draft for the Premier League, and you've just landed your dream team. But then you realize that there's a salary cap, and you went way over budget. Now what?

Extending beyond the real-world salary cap constraints of the English Premier League, many fantasy football drafts also operate under a similar economic principle. To have a successful and fair draft, it is important to establish and adhere to a salary cap for your league. 

Here are some tips on how to keep your fantasy football draft under the salary cap. With these tips, you'll be able to field a competitive team without breaking the bank. 

7 Smart Tips for Keeping Your Fantasy Football Draft Under the Salary Cap

Fantasy Football Draft

Every account owner in the FPL gets €100 million to spend on their squad of 15 players. While this amount may seem like a lot, it can quickly get depleted if you're not careful. Here are 7 tips to help keep your fantasy football draft under the salary cap:

Research and Draft Players Who are Likely to Have Breakout Seasons

One way to stay under the salary cap is to draft players who are poised for breakout seasons. These players are usually cheaper than established stars but can put up similar numbers. To find these players, do your research and look for those who are in a good situation (e.g., a new team, an improved supporting cast, etc.) and have the talent to take their game to the next level.

Be Wary of Overpaying for Last Year's Standouts

Just because a player had a great season last year doesn't mean they're going to replicate that performance this year. In fact, there's often a regression to the mean with fantasy football players.

Such players are expensive in fantasy drafts, and there are plenty of other players available who can produce similar numbers at a fraction of the cost.

Draft Strategically Based on Your League's Scoring System

The way your league scores points should determine the amount you spend on certain players and positions. Don't overspend on positions that won't earn you significant points.

Instead, spend on defenders and midfielders, who rack up points for goals and clean sheets. A defender earns you 6 points per goal scored, while a midfielder earns you five.

Don't forget about the captains. The captain scores double points, so choose wisely.

Avoid Injured Players

Injuries happen, but you don't want to draft an injured player who is likely to miss several games.

Do your research and try to avoid drafting players who have been injury-prone in the past or who are currently nursing an injury.

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You can also use some EPL lineup prediction tools to help you make informed decisions about which players to draft. Lineup prediction tools provide predictions for which players are on the starting XI so that when building your team, it will be easier to avoid drafting benched or injured players as well as those who have been suspended.

Just because a player is popular doesn't mean they are worth their price tag. In fact, you may be able to get more bang for your buck by drafting lesser-known players who are priced lower but have similar potential.

Use A Fantasy Football Draft Calculator

A Fantasy Football draft calculator is a great tool for helping you stay under the salary cap during your fantasy football draft. 

They can help you calculate how much you should spend on each player based on their projected points. They also consider your league's scoring system and the number of teams in your league.

Look for Bargains

Players coming off of an injury or had a down year last season are often undervalued in fantasy football drafts. 

This means you may be able to get them at a bargain price. Just be sure to do your research on these players before drafting them.


The key to keeping your fantasy football draft under the salary cap is to be smart with your spending. Know which players are worth a high price tag and which ones you can have for a bargain. Stay away from overpriced players who won't earn you any significant points according to your league's scoring system and focus on drafting breakout stars who are likely to have big seasons.