All the insider information and iPhone 8 feature leaks are here!

All the insider information and iPhone 8 feature leaks are here!

Rumor mills are abuzz again. It is the time of the year when speculations are rife about what will Apple unveil at its famed keynote events. A new iPhone, obviously; but it will not be the iPhone 8. Did we stop you in your tracks?

Yes, you heard it right!

Apple may ditch its numerical nomenclature in favor of an alphabet (or jump numbers and adopt Roman denomination – take your pick). It is said that the iPhone 8 will be called iPhone X to mark its decade long presence in the smartphone.. err… iPhone industry.

2017 is the 10th anniversary of Apple. Steve Jobs would have been mighty happy at the way Tim Cook has taken over. (But then would he have relinquished control if he were with us?)

The buildup to Apple’s annual event is as secretive as ever, with Apple revealing nothing but not putting a stop to the floating bits and pieces of information about the latest iPhone launch.

Figure 1

Here’s a peek-a-boo at some of the ‘leaked’ features:

Face Recognition

Touch ID is passé (well, not really). Apple is all set to introduce iPhone privacy setting using your face as your biometric signature, rather than the tedious process of providing your fingerprint every time your iPhone needs unlocking.

Figure 2

This will be achieved by high powered laser/infrared beams to trace your face, identify the unique features and log signs of gesture (to ensure that you are really there and not an imposter trying to open your phone with a photo/video). It would be interesting to see how the face recognition feature will match up to security requirements, as users were once skeptical about fingerprint recognition too.

Wireless Charging for new iPhone 8

Be prepared for a total tangle-free experience (although we must admit that iPhone charging cables are too short to get tangled) with the wireless charging feature that Apple is set to introduce. It is confirmed from Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn that it is on board for producing the wireless charging sets, which will allow the iPhone X to be charged in a radius of 15 Feet from the wireless plug-in charger.

Figure 3

Energous, the company providing the technology behind this convenient feature claims that the wireless charger will transmit power to the iPhone X, which will be received by an in-built receiver. This patented technology is called Wattup.

Fanciest Display Ever

iPhone X will come in 3 screen sizes – 5.8 inch, 5.5 inch and 4.7 inch. The screen will be an edge-to-edge OLED display in the top-end version. The next two sizes will have TFT LCD screens.

As we already know that Apple has patented the all screen display, it is speculated that the iPhone X will do away with the home button (replacing it with a virtual home button) and include the front-camera within the screen dimensions.

Much was said about iPhone 6S being bendable (which ironically turned out to be a bug) and the iPhone 7 having a curved display. It is however strongly believed that Apple will introduce the curved screen technology with iPhone X.

High-Tech Camera Functions

The landscape mode (wide angle lens) in iPhone 7 has won many a hearts. The iPhone X will be equipped with Optical Image Stabilization technology (only the top-end and limited edition anniversary version) on the telephoto lens as well. Apple is also collaborating in hushed terms with LG on developing a 3D imaging technique that may be introduced in the iPhone X if it has reached release standards.

Revised Connectivity Options

Apple is doing away with the lightning connector (reportedly) and introducing a USB-3 slot, which means even the headphone jack will be gone! This is sure to rub many a ‘proprietary lovers’ the wrong way. This does suggest that iPhone is moving towards a more accepting nature towards other device manufacturers.

It is believed that the incorporation of so many new features and a total revamping of the present design may push the conventional September release till October. Which features are the real deal and which are mere conjectures, only time will tell. Hold your breath till October!

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