Internet Marketing Guide for Beginners Starting Today

Who doesn’t want to earn money? Who won’t want to, especially if the money comes sitting next to your laptop or computer? Online Money making is a sweet addiction that gets hold of every e-user sooner or later. This money-making process is somewhat very challenging in the beginning but once you start to figure out the what-to and what-not-to’s, things get easier. For pro-marketers, it becomes a child’s play. But one day or another, we all were a starter.

Internet marketing was the tool that we used to create a place of our own and started making money. If you are fresh into this field, you might also be wondering what is Internet Marketing and why does it matter? In this article, I’ll help with most of your questions and will be guiding you on the basics of Internet marketing.

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What is Internet marketing?

The term Internet Marketing simply suggests that it is all about marketing stuff on the internet. The specific meaning of the term is no different from the former. However, some specialists think that e-commerce & some other online services, despite being done on the internet, don’t come under internet marketing. In e-commerce, you sell physical & virtual goods for money while some online services like web development & design, are hard-earned money for your time and work.

An average person can understand the term Internet marketing by the process of earning money by selling content and links to readers and clients.

Various types of Internet marketing & how to do those

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing includes consumer repulsion to external sites (mainly shopping sites like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Themeforest, Creative Market etc) using several conversion strategies.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of making online money right now. It is always a win-win opportunity for online users, also bringing benefits to companies that manage to attract more customers through affiliate marketing.

The difficulty level in affiliate marketing is very high but with proper commitment and planning, you can always become victorious.

Email Marketing

In email marketing, readers are converted into customers using mail lists. You can offer a newsletter subscription to get reader signups and send them regular updates about your blog and convert them into regular customers.

Email is one of the key elements of online business, especially for ROI (Return on Investment) and for the development of long-lasting and beneficial relationships.

For this reason, personalized segments and targeted e-mail marketing campaigns are important for increasing brand awareness. E-mail marketing specialists use tools, strategies, implementations and track results to achieve the best brand participation.

They can take care of a marketing strategy by email or help with any aspect of the design of e-mail templates or tracking and reporting.

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Email marketing is an ever-changing subject. So make sure that you stay updated with the trends and don't fall over to get outdated. This infographic by ConnextDigital can help you a lot with that.

Infographic Source: SmartInsights

Social Media Marketing

Social media is now the core of the modern corporate world. From a one-person startup to multi-billion dollar companies, everyone knows the importance of how essential social media has become to business growth.

As a Social Media Marketing (SMM) expert, you can chose a profession that is never ending and highly profitable.

There are generally two ways of doing social media marketing.

  • Become an influencer and create a name of your own in a certain niche. Despite a low number of followers, you will have a higher conversion ratio as all your followers will be of the same interest. in this, you can approach different brands and ask them to sponsor you for your social media posts. Becoming an influencer is not an easy task but the toughest part is choosing the niche and sticking to that.
  • Get a lot of followers and become a diversified social media influencer. If you have, say, 1 million followers - you will have those from different interests and despite the conversion being low, you can get a lot of sales. One more benefit of having a lot of followers is that you don't have to look for sponsorship, rather the brands will find you.

Buffer has an amazing in-depth article on social media marketing, you should refer to this as an essential guide.

Search Engine Marketing

In my guide, Getting Started With SEO, I have discussed the essentials of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I highly recommend you to go through the article for your own interest.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is exactly what it sounds like. SEM can be defined as marketing through search engines, especially Google, Baidu, Yahoo and Bing. It is a set of paid strategies to help pages rank in search engines and get revenue from that.

SEM and SEO may have some overlapping sections but otherwise, both are totally different. SEO currently refers to organic SERP rankings, while SEM is more of a paid promotion through backlinks, paid ads etc.

Content Marketing

Content is king and content marketing is everywhere. The concept is nothing new and is not a marketing strategy that requires a specialist’s ability to comprehend. It is always around the facets of the digital market.

All bloggers, blogger outreach platforms, magazines, newspapers, book publishers and TV stations are content marketers.

Everyone knows and does it. It’s just a matter of who will do better and who employs the best tactics.

Blogging Superstar

Once you start writing content, you are already through it.

All you need is planning and execution. After a couple of months, you will be able to find a place on the internet and can establish yourself as a name.

Just make sure that the content you write on your site, blogs, social media posts, videos, etc., is related to your market and should include keywords that are currently trending.