5 Interesting Career Paths You Can Choose after Getting Law Degree

Studying law is one of the most intellectually challenging journeys that one can pursue. If you dream of donning that court dress or want to become a corporate lawyer – you should know that pursuing an LLB course can be highly fulfilling. Most students consider law as a profession where they are supposed to wear barristers’ robes. However, that’s far from the truth. Opportunities with LLB courses are not limited to the courtroom.

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A law degree is more versatile than most students believe. There are many career paths that students can pursue after a law degree. Students are equipped with a host of different skills that can kickstart their career in different directions. Even though lawyers are seen as just advocates by common people – the truth is, there are many opportunities after an LLB course.

Here are 5 interesting career paths you can pursue after getting a law degree.


Yes, you can set up a business after completing the LLB course. You don’t need an MBA degree to pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations. As a law graduate, you will have a much clearer understanding of the business world, especially the pitfalls. If you have an independent spirit, entrepreneurship will be a highly fruitful career path. You can choose a field of your liking to set up a business or can even set up your own legal firm. However, do remember setting up any business requires excellent networking skills, so while you pursue an LLB course focus on that too.

Civil Services

Civil services, specifically judicial services, are a highly fulfilling career path and can be pursued after completing the LLB course. You can go for civil service positions in the government of India, such as IAS, IFS, and IPS. Civil services are widely recognized in the Indian subcontinent and are considered a safe and stable career path. Alternatively, LLB course graduates can work for a couple of years and then apply for the UPSC exams.

Corporate Lawyers

A career as a corporate lawyer is filled with insights into the business world. If you choose to become a corporate lawyer, you will be handling transactions on behalf of your organization. Either you can work as a part of the organization’s legal team or join a law firm that provides corporate counsel to other organizations. The primary area of work will cater to negotiating contracts, ensuring compliance of regulations and facilitating mergers. Corporate lawyers work on the entire legal framework of an organization. You can look for universities that offer a BBA LLB course, which is highly beneficial if you want a career as a corporate lawyer.


It may not come off as an obvious choice for law graduates, but academia is a highly rewarding career path. The noble profession of teaching is a way to give back to the community and can be easily pursued with a law degree. However, to be eligible to teach at a university, a master’s degree in law is required. Students will also need to clear exams like NET to teach at the university level. Teaching law also opens up many avenues to travel around the world – as a visiting professor or even taking a job overseas.

Social Work

Believe it or not, lawyers are adequately equipped with necessary skills to carry out social work. Not only are they aware of the legal rights of a society but also have the acumen to understand the obligation of entire strata of the society. Groundbreaking work can be done by working with various social Government commissions like the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, National Commission for Women and Human Rights Commission. Not only this, many NGOs around the country hire lawyers to provide accurate legal advice to bring social change.

An LLB course is highly sought-after in India. However, not many students are aware of career paths outside of being an advocate. The primary reason is low exposure during their college years. It is highly recommended to pursue an LLB course from universities like UPES that not only provide top-notch education, but also focus on fostering other necessary skills in law students. Law aspirants are likely to learn a lot about networking by studying in such universities. Not to forget, students would understand the dynamics of being a lawyer and, most of all, become passionate about law.

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