Interesting Math Articles and Must Read Research Papers for Students

Are you a mathematics student looking to feed your curiosity with some interesting math articles and research papers? If you are one, you are the right place.

Here, I have collected the list of some excellent and interesting math articles and interesting mathematics research papers which I have read and found very useful.

All of these are easily available online. The main sources of this list are and the websites of respective professors.

Interesting Math Articles

If you know any other paper/article which you find extremely interesting and that is not listed here, then please do comment mentioning the article name and URL. Papers/articles are cited as paper titles first, then HTTP URLs and at last author-name.

Interesting Math Articles

  1. The Two Cultures of Mathematics
    Timothy Gowers
  2. What is Good Mathematics?
    Terence Tao
  3. Career Advice (A Collection of Some very good advices)
    Terence Tao
  4. For Potential Students
    Ravi Vakil
  5. Advice to a Young Mathematician Princeton Companion to Mathematics
  6. Ten Signs a Claimed Mathematical Breakthrough is wrong
    Scott Aaronson
  7. On Proof and Progress in Mathematics
    William Thurston
  8. A Mathematician’s Lament
    Paul Lockhart
  9. Truth as value of duty: Lessons of Mathematics
    Yuri I Mannin
  10. Mathematical Knowledge: Internal Social And Agricultural Aspects
    Yuri I Mannin
  11. The Cult of Genius
    Julianne Dalcanton
  12. Take it to the Limit
    Opinionator on New York Times
  13. How to Supervise a Ph.D.
  14. Essential Steps of Problem Solving
    Gaurav Tiwari
  15. On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies
    Albert Einstein
  16. Who can name the Bigger Number?
    Scott Aaronson
  17. Division by Three
    Doyle and Conway
  18. Birds and Frogs
    Freeman Dyson
  19. A Mathematical Theory of Communication
    Shannon Day
  20. Missed Opportunities Freeman Dyson
  21. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences
    Eugene Wigner
  22. On Computable Numbers with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem Alan Turing
  23. Funny Problems
    Florentin Smarandache
  24. Life and Work of the Mathemagician Srinivasa Ramanujan
    K Srinivasa Rao
  25. Why Everyone Should Know Number Theory?
    Minhyong Kim
  26. Meta Math! The Quest for Omega
    G J Chaitin
  27. Vedic Mathematics
    W B Vasantha Kandasamy & Florentin Smarandache
  28. On Multiple Choice Questions in Mathematics Terence Tao
  29. Ramnujan Type 1/pi Approximation Formulas
    Nikos Bagis
  30. Collatz’s 3x+1 Problem and iterative maps on Interval
    Wang Liang
  31. Proof of Riemann Hypothesis
    Jinzhu Han
  32. Solving Polynomial Equations from Complex Numbers
    Ricardo S Vieira
  33. Age of Einstein
    Frank WK Firk
  34. The Mysteries of Counting
    John Baez
  35. Generalisation of Ramanujan Method of Approximating Root of an Equation
    R K Muthumalai
  36. How to Gamble if You are in Hurry?
    Ekhad, Georgiadis & Zeilberger
  37. How to Survive a math class?
    Matthew Saltzman & Marie Coffin
  38. Is life Improbable?
    John Baez
  39. Remarks on Expository Writing in Mathematics
    Robert B Ash
  40. Success in Mathematics
    Saint Louis University
  41. Teaching and Learning Mathematics
    Mirror Link
    Terry Bergeson
  42. Helping your child learn Mathematics
    US Department of Education
  43. Engaging Students in Meaningful Mathematics Learning: Different Perspectives, Complementary Goals
    Michael T. Battista

Here are some more interesting Math Books/Items that you can try:

Mathematics is beautiful and there is no place for ugly mathematics in this world. Mathematics originates from creativity and develops with research papers.

These research papers aren’t only very detailed and tough to understand for a general student, but also interesting. I hope these math articles, research papers and the recommended books were helpful to you.

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