11 Effective Measures to Improve Social Media Presence

Social media has changed the dynamism of globalization. Media integration has been a consistent and influential influx in the diaspora of business. Social media presence is at the core of every business now.

Social media platforms are now turned into a mouthpiece for every business organization.

Press releases, journals, letters and employment contributions all substantially cover social media platforms.

However, with this immense penetration of social media, it is required to keep on updating your input strategies to keep a balanced cope with existing competitors in the market.

The social media presence of a business organization has become a vital part of its development.

In today's world, the key to becoming successful in business is to apply the most effective measures to improve the social media presence.

Effective measures to improve social media presence

In our introductory brief, we stated the pivotal existence of social media. Since most business organizations do not address the correct crisis scenario, you tend to fail to create an impact among your consumers. 

In this post, we will ascertain you with 11 basic but effective measures that can be followed to improve your social media presence.

1. Speak about your topic

Social Media Presence

In most situations, when you come in contact with your consumers, you try to engage yourself in addressing your company's objective. But this isn't a good option if you only publish content about your company profile; people are not going to get entertained. 

Try to engage your company in social media groups such as Facebook groups. You can either join an existing group, or you create your own.

When you make multiple groups on your social media platform, it defines that you are inviting important social influencers and pushing your targeted consumers to join into a discussion. 

Engaging your customers in various discussions can lead to a widespread impact on your brand name in a smart way.


Only promoting your brand may lead to a negative impact among new and existing customers

2. Create a question and answer session

You are very much aware that direct one-to-one communication can enhance a healthy relationship between consumers and organizations. To build a more efficient communication, you must create a forum of questions and answers. 

When you offer relevant information in terms of answers, you are likely to hit the psyche of your consumers.

We have seen that if consumers find your answers relevant and satisfying, they spark further discussion. 

You must be dedicated and justified in allotting your answers promptly. You must have a very responsible team to look after this activity.

Take the initiative to broaden your FAQ’s, meaning you should provide an in-depth guide to your consumers so that they can get insightful data into their queries.

Best practice

Be the first to respond to queries; this helps you to put your company above your competitors

3. Share other content

Sharing other people's content isn’t a crime; this helps you to evaluate the things that are lacking in your understanding.

When you read better information, try to post it on your social media wall. This brings your consumers to meet up with their queries.

Keeping your information relevant and diverse keeps your consumers hooked up.


You should even repost content from various social influencers and consumers as well apart from different business profiles.

You must share your follower's posts too.

This helps you to have more exposure to your brand because you are actually making your own customers feel worthy and feel great about them.

Clicking the share button on a positive post can add a spark to your consumer engagement.

Using influencers to promote 

Supposedly, if you get hold of any social media influencer and establish a solid relationship with the various market blogger, make them utilize in your content promotion.

This creates widespread publicity because when bloggers promote your service or product, they are not only dwelling a connection between your consumers but also among their followers as well.

This makes your social reach diverse.

Create some shareable conversion ready content and ask influencers to promote it.

4. Make your customers feel engaged

Apart from sharing customer's posts, you should make them feel engaged and give them a direct response to their content.

Using this social media tool, you can keep the eye of every consumer and can effectively ensure that they are well connected with the company.

When you personalize your consumer engagement by replying and greeting them individually, this move brings your brand and consumer closer and helps to build relationships and consumer loyalty 

You can even create a suggestive opinion poll or a debate discussion forum that can lead to a continuous engagement among your followers.

They can be a suggestive guide for further future reference as well. Inculcating the insights of various consumers, you will be able to make your consumers feel engaged with your company.

5. Visualize the post

Visual content has always been a hot cake, and especially in social media, you will find visual content that is given utmost importance.

Images, videos, GIFs, or short videos are some special elements that keep your consumers engaging as it breaks the mundane monotony of write-ups.

If you make a small tour video of your company, your consumers will enjoy watching it. They will get to know about the company more closely.

Always try to keep updating social profiles with these small audiovisual elements because this adds an additional advantage to your company.

6. Use relevant Hashtags

Another pick-up way to make your post attractive is to use the Hashtags correctly. Applying the correct keyword Hashtags helps you to stand out from the rest of the similar post. 

These hashtags are a great way to track discussion and connect with those people who are utilizing that particular hashtag. 


Hashtags can relate a closure with your target audience, but too many Hashtags can become damaging for the company.

Do not become Hashtag mad!!

7. Create opinion polls and surveys

If you require better feedback on any specific opinion, it may be your next market strategy or any new product launch creating an opinion poll in social media that can provide a better vision of your targeted consumers.

This opinion poll sets several crunch data within the company; it also helps you to evaluate what is lacking from your end.

Surveys are rational data collections that help you to understand consumer behavior in-depth.

8. Contests and giveaways

Similar to your opinion poll, an eye-grabbing contest can become quite engaging. During the festive seasons like Easter, Christmas, New Year, you can easily indulge your consumers into special offers and give them giveaway gifts.

Running an easy contest brings more engagement among the consumers and also will have an opportunity to invite new consumers as well.

Easy Tip

Use a random selection tool to generate a winner. This way the contest can be fair as well.

9. Deliver post frequency

Make sure to maintain consistency in your social handle because it is extremely necessary to keep on hammering the brand into the minds of the consumers.

If there is an irregularity in publishing your engaging post, then you may discover that your consumers are lacking interest in your organization, and meanwhile, rest other competitors can take over your position.

It’s essential to maintain regularity.


Regular post about the company helps to build more authority within the industry.

Engaging the company’s profile with current trends and social issues provides great relevance to your consumers. 

Try to engage your social presence with issues that are fair and do not spark any offense; these types of similar posts help you to strengthen your loyalty and reputation. 

11. Get profited from using analytical tools 

Monitoring the company's social engagement turns out to be pivotal because these analytical tools help to understand the levels of engagement insights of vivid consumers. 

This rich data is perfect for improving social campaigns. Analytical data helps you to track down the number of views, the number of pins and the number of images clicks to ascertain optimal circulation.

Analytical tools including Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and Hootsuite are some famous recommended tools that are used worldwide.

The current statistical scenario of social media presence

Social media is everywhere and so is the engagement in developing a business organization. To understand this we need to look into the current statistical data

  • 54% of social users use social media to browse for products
  • On average a person spends 2 hours and 22 minutes each day on social sites
  • 80% of organizations claim to deliver exceptional social media service
  • About 37% of consumers find social media desirable for purchasing services or products
  • 50% of consumers believe that social media is a trigger to create a brand impression

In a quick recap, we can draw a picture that just using traditional advertising methods cannot implement a strong consumer-brand relationship. Personalizing the approach of consumer engagement can bring about a huge change in building brand loyalty and brand image. 

Social media platforms have widely made this possible for business organizations to change the outlook and acceptability of their brand in the market.