HP Printers – How to Choose Proper Ink?

When you buy an HP printer it often comes as a shock when you first need to replace the ink; firstly because of the speed, you get through genuine ink cartridges and then the cost that you need to cover to buy new printer ink. However, there are some ways to get hold of ink that will last longer and cost you less, and we have shared them below so that you can start enjoying that extra cash right away.

HP Printers – How to Choose Proper Ink?

Know What You Need and the Different Versions

The first thing any new printer owner needs to know is that every printer comes with a specific ink that it needs to use. The code for this ink will be displayed in the manual and on the cartridges so that you don’t get confused.

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However, the majority of ink cartridges come in a range of sizes; standard, XL and XXL. Before you spend out on buying standard cartridges, stop and consider what you are getting. Each standard cartridge tends to only come half full and so opting for an XL or XXL version means more ink in the cartridge for less money. To save cash and having to change y our ink all the time, always get the biggest version of ink you can.

Only Buy When On Offers

When it comes to getting ink replacement, HP and other printer brands will more often than not be on offer in one store or another. The trick here is to shop around and only ever purchase your ink when you find it on offer. If it is a great deal, then stock up and save even more cash.

Should you be unable to find your ink on offer, then do not despair! Head to an office supplies store and bulk buy so that you can enjoy a discount this way instead and rope in your friends too as the discount gets even bigger the more you buy!

Make Replacement Ink Your First Choice

Rather than opting for genuine ink every time you need a top-up, opt for replacement ink instead. Companies like Smart Ink specialise in making high-quality inks and sell them globally to consumers who want to save money and still produce outstanding prints every time.

Take the HP ink cartridge 902 as an example: when you chose a replacement provider instead of genuine ink, you can expect to save well over 50% of the price you normally pay! Take your time to find a quality provider and do not be swayed by con artists that sell poor quality ink along with a catalogue of other shoddy items!

It is obvious to see that consumers are often conned into believing that genuine ink replacement is the only option, but in reality, this can be the most expensive route to take. Make sure you always shop around for offers and opt for replacement ink from a specialist service rather than paying the exorbitant amounts that printer brands want to charge you.