How to Create an Attractive and Engaging Website?

Have you been thinking about creating your own website from scratch? Are you hoping to market a specific product to the online community or might you simply be interested in making your presence known within the digital domain? In any of these situations, a website is the best place to begin. The good news is that there are countless free website building tools like WordPress to consider. The bad news is that very few of these actually explain how to create an attractive website that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. Let’s therefore take a moment in order to explain what elements should be present so that you can focus your efforts in the right direction from the start.

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Clear, Simple and to the Point

One of the most common mistakes that novice website owners will make is assuming that more is better in terms of information. On the contrary, sites which immediately bombard the user with too many details can be confusing and they might even detract from what it is you are trying to get across. Keep it clear, simple and streamlined.

Such an approach should always be reflected within the format of each page. Here is an example of a page that is set up in the correct manner:

  • The subject or topic (in the form of a headline)
  • The content (interspersed with media such as videos or images
  • A visible navigation bar
  • A hyperlink for those who wish to request more information

While these might appear to be rather obvious suggestions, you would be surprised to learn how many users overly complicate their sites at the expense of the material itself.

Focus Upon Aesthetics

Users desire much more than a few blocks of text and a static image. Imagine for a moment that you are creating a website that will eventually supply links to third-party casino portals. Not only must you provide the reader with relevant and useful information like on this betting site, but this very same information should be linked to other authoritative portals. This strategy will serve two purposes. First, outbound links provide your site with more “clouts” within search engine results pages. This will enable you to rank higher and therefore, you can enjoy a greater number of inbound hits. Secondly, citing trustworthy sources can help to provide your portal with a greater degree of transparency. Readers will therefore begin to rely upon what it is that you have to say.

Of course, these are only two basic suggestions to keep in mind. Other tips include:

  • Create a memorable domain name.
  • Ensure that your site can be accessed by mobile devices.
  • Curate content on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that all HTML coding is correct and your site is SEO ready.

There are many additional and informative resources which you can access, so creating the website of your dreams is very much a reality.

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  1. Hey Gaurav Tiwari ,

    Awesome post as usual. You have Introduced superb tips for creating an attractive & an engaging website.

    yes it is true that creating an engaging & alluring website is truly crucial. As we know that websites are great information source for several readers, people & users to get vital information & knowledge. In a same way the look of a website also matters a lot and website-look is a first thing on which readers generally focus. A website with alluring & attractive look engage more readers, generate more traffic and also improves its ranking in seo. Hence it is really essential to create an engaging website along with appealing look. You have used good points here. Making the website clear, simple and exact to the points & Focusing upon Aesthetics are really great tips. Adopting & implementing these tips will helps user alot in creating an engaging, attractive website.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge,ideas and such an informative post.

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