Have you suffered an injury because of someone’s negligence? Whether this is a car accident, an injury at work, animal attack or even a slip, trip or fall, you could be entitled to compensation. These injuries can be life-changing and stop you from working or leading your day-to-day life, as well as cause psychological damage that can be difficult to recover from. Although compensation will not heal your injury, it can make a difference to your quality of life and ensure that those responsible have to pay for their actions. Even if you have been injured in the past, you may still be able to make a claim.

Making A Claim

It is best to make a claim as soon as possible after the injury has been sustained. Doing so gives you the opportunity to gather evidence such as photographs of the injury and accident site and obtain witness reports. In fact, the earlier, the better you obtain these reports so that it is fresh in their mind. Of course, not all injuries occur directly after the event and sometimes people do not decide to make a claim until a later date.


In most cases, the injury must have been sustained in the last three years in order to make a successful claim. If the damage is psychological, this can sometimes take a while to show, so you still have a while to make a successful claim in this case.


There will be exceptions to this three-year timeframe. If you were a child when the injury was sustained, then you may have a longer time to make a claim as you did not want to go through the process at a young age. Another example of an exception is if you have been a victim of industrial disease as these can take longer than three years to impact your life. A few examples of industrial diseases that you can make a claim for include asbestosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and industrial deafness.

How To Make A Claim

If you are unsure whether or not you can make a claim, the best thing to do will be to get in touch with a personal injury specialist like the-compensation-experts.co.uk for a no-obligation consultation. They will very quickly be able to determine whether or not you can make a claim and get the ball rolling if you wish to proceed. It is then a matter of collating evidence, building a case and notifying the negligent party that you are making a claim. Your personal injury solicitor will handle all of the negotiations for you, and in many cases, there will be a no win no fee guarantee.

Personal injury claims are best made as soon as possible so that it is fresh in everyone’s minds, but sometimes it is not possible whether the injury as taken a while to develop or if you have only just decided to make a claim. In most cases, you have three years to make a claim, but there are always exceptions to this rule too.

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