I help business owners grow their business online and offline. If you run an offline business or even a local store, I will have to meet you (personally or via a Zoom Call). 

After that, we will, together, study your needs and aspirations. Once that is done, I will create a business plan (mainly a marketing plan, as you already have a business in place).

In addition to optimizing your stores and businesses, I will also help you with proper branding, SEO and online marketing so that your business looks great online as well.

These will be followed by Knowledge Graph & performance improvements, improving technical SEO, maximizing your social media, creating branding assets and showcasing you on various online publications.

Once the basic things are done, we together will proceed to sales, capturing leads by using various lead magnets and tailor-made swipes. The sales marketing things are actually limitless and should be planned and revised periodically.

Please note that various practices followed in this, including SEO, SMM, PR, Content Marketing etc., take time and the results may vary depending on the competition we have on your name.

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