How to create a successful blog from scratch?

Blogs are used by websites to share valuable information to their readership. They also offer a chance for websites to gain more authority in their industry by becoming industry leaders.

Blogging is fun. Isn’t it?

Of course that is. People like me love to write and that’s why they tend to blog. But some people, also known as pro-bloggers, take it to a new level and grow up to a new level of success. Once you succeed as a blogger, you can always become a full-time blogger and even earn money from it.

But to create a successful blog, you need a plan.

Creating a blog is not sufficient. I repeat, you need a solid plan – otherwise you are going to waste all your hard work.

In this article, I will guide you through every step of blogging; from creating to growing and to evolving. So without any further ado, let’s go to the main matter.

How do I create a blog?

Long story short:

  • Buy a domain name. I recommend Namecheap.
  • Get hosting. I recommend Namecheap (starter) & WPX (advanced). They come with user friendly cPanel/WordPress installers pre-installed. (Why WordPress?)
  • Install WordPress on your hosting. Continue reading the article for a full guide on how to install WordPress on cPanel.
  • Remember your login & passwords.
  • Apply conversion & SEO ready themes.
  • Install useful WordPress plugins
  • Start creating content.

Buy a domain name

You need to buy a domain name in order to set up a blog. The domain name is nothing but the address of your website, which your visitors will be using to access your website. Make sure the domain name you choose is unique and appropriate for your website. You cannot build a website without registering a domain name. There are many websites available that provide domain name registration services at affordable rates.

Buy hosting

You need to buy web hosting services in order to make your website accessible to anyone. You can either buy domain name and web hosting as a complete package from a single website or you can consider two different websites for the services.

Install WordPress

When you buy web hosting services, most of the time you will be given your private cPanel (Control Panel of your hosting) & login credentials to get access to your hosting features. Login to your cPanel and install WordPress.

If you buy Namecheap like hosting, you will be guided on each step while installing WordPress. Once WordPress is installed, you are all set to create your website. Login to your WordPress website using your domain name like, fill in your username and password you set during the installation process.

You should see a dashboard with various options. You are now able to create pages, posts, images and galleries.

WordPress is a great open-source content management system that allows you to create a blog or website without having any technical knowledge. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3. All you need to do is follow the steps as directed by WordPress.  

How To Develop A Blog That’s Going To Drive Success

1. Deliver Quality Content


You may have heard it over and over, but building quality content is the key as to whether your blog will become popular, or whether it will fail. The reason why quality content is important is because people like to read information from experts. If you’re content isn’t up to the standard level that’s expected from your audience, you’ll find they’ll look elsewhere for what they’re looking for. In order to deliver quality content, here’s some tips to help you get started.

  • Make sure your content is grammatically correct and has no spelling mistakes. A blog that has mistakes all through it will tell your readership you’re not as professional as you make it out to be.
  • Make sure the blog posts are structurally sound. Use subheadings, paragraphs, and bullet points. If you don’t break up the text it can cause problems with readers fatigue. The breaks also help to create an even white space balance that’s appealing to the eye.
  • Use high quality images. It’s also important to use high quality images that are free to use. The images also need to be relevant to your blog post to make it more authentic. Without images, your post looks bland and doesn’t give the visual appeal of other high quality blogs. Sites such as ShutterStock, Pixabay, Unsplash or iStock offer some nice images, however you may need to pay depending on the site.
  • Ensure the information being relayed is relevant to your audience and is of value. It should answer any questions your reader has been asking. It should also answer the title that has been proposed. The more value you offer, the more your blog will thrive.
  • Make sure the content is evergreen. This means that the information can be used for years after the blog is written.
  • Use catching headlines that draw attention to themselves. ‘Powerful Blogging Tips’ isn’t as appealing as ‘Hidden Secrets To Blogging’.

As you can see these are the key elements of delivering quality content. By keeping your blog posts within these rules your blogs will be a very power asset to your website.

2. Have A Great Web Design


A powerful blog is about the content you offer and about the blog’s website design. When creating a blog design online, it’s important to make it as appealing as possible to help catch the eye of your readership. In order to make a great blog web design, there’s a few things to remember. These are:

  • Make sure the blog design is responsive and mobile friendly. If it’s not, you won’t gain the traffic and readership that you’re hoping.
  • Make sure the blog is on a white background. Text on colored backgrounds are hard to read.
  • Avoid cluttering your site with ads. Ads give a blog a negative effect and makes it look cheap.
  • Use colors that represent your industry the best, but only use 2 to 3 colors overall. Using too many colors will make your blog look cluttered and overwhelming on the eye. Instead go for a clean colored appearance.
  • When uploading your content, ensure the font used is easy to read. Arial, Open Sans or Times New Roman are great options for that professional appearance.
  • Have a layout that’s easy to navigate. Large scroll blogs are time consuming when a reader has to continue to scroll down the page to look for what they want. Instead have an overview page of the blogs so readers can quickly find what they’re looking for. Having a well thought out blog web design is great for creating a powerful blog that is eye-catching and appealing.

3. Publishing Blogs

Scheduling posts in WordPress

Lastly after you have developed your blog post and your blog website, you need to then make sure you release the blogs on time. The last key to a powerful blog is how often you release the content. Make sure the content is released weekly and on the same day, at the same time. Readers like consistency and will anticipate your new blog post each week.  Release 1 to 3 great blogs each week. While you can release 10 a week, it can be hard for readers to keep up. Releasing too many at once may also be overwhelming as well for your readers which can cause them to turn away.  In keeping to this schedule you’ll be able to peak the interest of your readers while also leaving them wanting more.


Creating a powerful blog is all about how you write, design, and publish the content to your audience. Don’t forget to share your content on social media to gain more interest in your content. So are you ready to start a blog that will make a difference?

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  2. Good Observation about create Powerful and Success blog, Very informative blog
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  3. Good Observation about create Powerful and Success blog, Very informative blog
    Thanks Aaron Gray

  4. Hey, such an excellent post, it’s an important tip for a blogger like me to write a post. It’s mean a lot to me. Thank you!

  5. Hey, such an excellent post, it’s an important tip for a blogger like me to write a post. It’s mean a lot to me. Thank you!

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