The Benefits of Handheld Devices in the Workplace

The implementation of computerized maintenance management systems or so called CMMS' bring a lot of strategic advantages to the table. Companies can lower the cost of maintenance, increase the life expectancy of equipment and other assets, and reduce the average downtime. All of these advantages add up to better operational reliability; this is something that is valuable in today’s competitive market.

To further push the effectiveness of a CMMS implementation, more enterprises are starting to equip their maintenance people with mobile devices. The move brings several more benefits to the table, and we are going to look into them in this article.


An Agile Maintenance Team

With mobile devices on the factory floor and other parts of the operations, maintenance is no longer a fragmented function. Maintenance staff no longer have to return to base for more assignments. There is also no need to rely on radio or other forms of communications with the mobile CMMS implemented correctly.

New maintenance tasks can be assigned to the right staff directly, all using mobile devices and a command center. As a result, the entire maintenance team can be more agile. They will have the ability to deal with issues at a much faster rate.

Real-Time Updates

The mobile devices don’t just serve as a way to distribute tasks. They also work for collecting data and sending feedback to the command center. This type of real-time interaction and updates was never available in such a fluid form before, making mobile devices in the workplace a big step towards the right direction.

With this level of constant, real-time updates, it is also a lot easier to monitor every part of the operations. This gives the company the ability to start preventing mishaps or issues more effectively.

Better Forecasting

Speaking about preventing issues before they turn into big problems, the real-time data capture made possible by mobile devices also allows for better forecasting and planning. By integrating handheld devices with mobile CMMS, companies can understand the day-to-day operation challenges in a more in-depth way.

Instead of waiting for problems to occur, the data collected will slowly improve the company’s ability to adjust the operations based on the situation and challenges it is facing. Decision makers will start to see patterns that they can use to maintain smoother operations.

Better Cost-Efficiency

Investing in mobile devices may seem too much at first, but that investment virtually pays for itself. With the maintenance team being more agile and problems getting solved more quickly, the company gets to save a fortune on things such as downtime, big repairs, and other overhead costs.

The result is clear; mobile devices in the workplace – particularly for mobile CMMS and maintenance work – are invaluable. On top of the added benefits, there is also the fact that the use of mobile devices increases employee engagement substantially.

So, what are you waiting for? There is no better time to implement the use of mobile devices and mobile CMMS – as well as other mobile-based solutions for enterprise – than today. Once the system is implemented, you will start enjoying the benefits right away.