Innovative learning has always been the focus of the quality education.  In this value-based world economy, we require the best of minds to run the best of companies. Unlike the past, business professionals are no longer limited to a fixed cluster of roles & objectives. Their world is changing rapidly with companies competing companies for the best in results. Today the best of companies do not pay just for skills – they require international intelligence to understand the current global business scenario. Now this need of international intelligence was something that incited S P Jain School of Global Management to emerge with a world class MBA plan, which they term as Global MBA.

spjain gmba

Global MBA (GMBA) is a 12-months long full-time MBA course which is designed to be completed in three cities, Dubai, Sydney & Singapore – 4 months in each campus. This tri-city model is aimed to develop an international understanding to business & management courses. The program is innovative and quite well planned. With this students will be able to adopt international skills along cross-cultural attitudes. According to SP Jain’s Website, they have a new & improved GMBA curriculum that focuses on skills helpful to ensure high placements in international establishments. As Global MBA is completed in three different countries, students will get the chance to know and grasp different socio-economic factors. Global MBA courses also feature classes in cross-cultural communication, leadership and personality development. After the course completion, an Australian MBA degree is awarded by SP Jain School.

The Tric-City Program
The Tri-City Program

So, literally SP Jain School of Global Management is an Australian academy whose main focus is now shifted over the Indian students. The institute has been critically acclaimed by various ranking models. Motorized by world-class infrastructure, quality teaching, and superb placement options; SP Jain School has emerged as possibly the best option for Indian students who are willing to become an international professional. Forbes listed SP Jain’s Global MBA as #10 in the world as the best international one-year MBA programs, 2015-2016. They had also ranked SP Jain School as #19 in the World in their best international business school ranking in 2013-2014. Nielsen ranked it #1 in the UAE in MBA salary audit in 2014. There have been several other such acclaims to the course & the institutions as well.spjain

On the downsides, the primary feature of this course is also a hitch. The cross-cultural variances may be great things to learn, but cease to cause the teething troubles. The students will have to adjust themselves in three different environments. Also, this methodology ultimately increases the fee intakes after considering visa and other charges, as visible in the fee-structure.

In short, S P Jain’s Global MBA course looks brilliant on the paper and is well planned to the modern business ecosystem. It is a great option for serious business professionals and is highly recommended.


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