Glossary Blogging Pingler


Pingler is a freemium SEO tool that can be used to manually ping a URL to multiple syndication services.

Pingler basically a way of connecting your blog all across the web with thousands of customers and different servers. It instantly notifies top blog indexing servers about your new content.

While the free version of Pingler requires manual submission of URLs, upgrading to a premium account adds support to automated submissions to over 1000 blog crawlers.

Pingler Premium

When you submit a new photo, or a video, Pingler pings the Search Engines and the servers about your new blog content or website.

Pinging servers either way will indeed help search engines rank your content and gain visitors to your website or blog. So once you have completed uploading the new content, blog or URL then you can leave the rest of the responsibility to Pingler.

Pingler can generate a better ranking in the search engines for the specified keyword. This service is a faster way of getting indexed.

One of the best reasons to use Pingler is that they provide you a legal way of ranking your websites, URL and blogs according to the terms and conditions given by the search engines such as Google. Unlike many other SEO services, they are the ones on which you can completely rely.

How to use Pingler to boost SEO?

Let's have a look on the three effective tips to boost SEO using Pingler are:-

Publish detailed content

In order to enhance traffic and enforce your brand as an expert you need to have quantity enriched content.

For this you must include proper explanation and adequate information based on relevant topics of your business so that it gives a detailed view to the customers on what the content is about and what does it signify. It also builds trust in the hearts of your customers and visitors.

Having a detailed content of your subject then Pingler will use that in serving you huge traffic and will provide you high ranking in search engines.

Moreover, as SEO offers several tactics for your company and generates powerful strategies whether it is related to creating detailed content or making better ranking in search engines.

Do Keyword research

If you are connected to business and blogs then you must know the importance of keywords in boosting your business . Keywords are the main strategy that businesses use in expanding their brand's SEO. A perfect keyword for your brand can provide you millions of customers.

Determining a keyword for your brand, while keeping in mind which key points  people generally perform research on, is really a tough job. So, if your website or blog has a keyword which people usually do related searches for then it can expand traffic on your site. 

Through Pingler servers, as they use these new keyword related research in search engine sites like Google's auto-suggestion feature. With this more customers can tend to visit your website which in turn will make your rankings higher in search engines. Hence, in this way Pingler can boost your SEO.

Target on Relevance

Optimising your SEO, not only depends on inviting a large number of customers but also depends on how much time they have invested on your website. Many customers lose their interest in the initial parts of the content. This can be considered harmful in boosting your website's SEO.

High rankings depend on relevance. Visitors with disinterest in your content can reduce your ranking. In order to make your readers interested in your content and remain on the website for a longer period you need to target the content that makes visitors find what they search for. Pingler presents this content to different servers, so when people visit, it makes your search engine rankings higher and can even boost your SEO.