Glossary SEO Dofollow Link

Dofollow Link

What is a dofollow link in SEO, you may ask? A dofollow link is a natural link that allows search engines to follow and try to index the linked URL.

Let's dive into the details.

Dofollow links allow Google and other search engines to follow them and reach a specific website.

It does not require you to add any rel (relationship) tags.

An example of a dofollow link is:

<a href="">Gaurav Tiwari</a>

There are some rel tags that you can add in a dofollow link:

  • noreferrer
  • noopener
  • me
  • author
  • bookmark

Unlike nofollow, dofollow links give other pages the link juice and a backlink.

If a website or blog links back to you with a dofollow link, search engines and online visitors can follow you. This is one way to boost your SEO efforts.

If you’re planning to give someone the dofollow love, do so by allowing them to use a keyword in an anchored text – this is the best way to use dofollow links. When you do this, you’re actually linking any website or page using target keywords as your anchor texts.

Dofollow links work during situations like these.

  • Links to interviewees: If your website has content about an interview, it never hurts to use dofollow links in the interviewees’ names or company name. This will help you with your search engine rankings while providing credibility to your content. However, if you’ve interviewed unknown people from shady websites, a nofollow link might be more suitable.
  • Bylines of authors for guest posts: If you have a guest poster who always writes for your site and has a website you trust, a dofollow link can be used.