I am not the Ghost Hunter.

I am mohan kattimani. I lived navi-mumbai. sanpada yesterday i join in ppi course and i submitted in course fees 40,000 (21-8-2014)and my scan copy. i let he no when i started  in this course.i like work in grip team. i hope future we work in together ghost hunting. my cell no {redacted}. please sir when you have time reply me.

— via my Contact Page .

Tough to understand what he really wants to say, but if you google grip team and PPI, you’ll. To ease your effort:

PPI: Professional Paranormal Investigations

GRIP: Ghost Research & Investigators of Paranormal

Here GRIP TEAM is a part of Indian Paranormal Society, lead by Gaurav Tiwari, a person with the same name as mine. But he is dead now. He’s featured on Wikipedia and Indian news resources for his work on Paranormal Theories. He was a ghost hunter. No doubt, he was very good in that. But as Google doesn’t differentiate among persons with same name, searching ‘Gaurav Tiwari‘ will mostly return my websites & social accounts in result.

This ‘accidental’ reader Mohan was tricked by the same thing. And so were the other four who contacted me for the same ‘ghost hunting training’ thing. I don’t bother about phone calls or emails they do, but I care about the time they waste for nothing good.

If it is bad to hear a caller at night who wants to talk about ghost hunting, nothing is worse than a person sending you his stories about ghosts he met. An Indore guy told me that he woke late night at 02:00 AM just to talk with me, as he knew that I was living in U.S.A. “that time” .


Another email,

Subject: being troubled by 20 ghosts in my home ..

Message Body:
Sir..plz do rply to my msg as soon as possible.Sir itz been 3weeks i havent slept as of the hauntings that are occurin..the spirits want to ruin my life..i live in a rented home n they have been residing here since a long time.Sir plz help me..i cant take it no more..I will kill myself if these hauntings wont stop.Seriously speaking im scared as hell..plz help me sir


I am Gaurav Tiwari, a blogger and designer

I am this guy and he is dead now. So, if you are a paranormal enthusiast, please make sure you contact the right people.

Additional resources

  • Gaurav Tiwari – Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org) –
  • Delhi: Ghost-buster Gaurav Tiwari found dead under mysterious circumstances (indiatoday.in) – The founder and CEO of the Indian Paranormal Society was found lying on his bathroom floor with a thin black line across his neck.
  • Gaurav Tiwari: Indian ghost buster’s mysterious death is magnet for paranormal theories – Living News , Firstpost (firstpost.com) – Did dark forces cause Gaurav Tiwari’s death? Or was it a heart attack? Or, as the police seem to believe, suicide?
  • 5 things to know about Gaurav Tiwari, India’s paranormal investigator (dnaindia.com) – 5 things to know about Gaurav Tiwari, India’s paranormal investigator – Gaurav Tiwari was found dead in his Delhi apartment on Thursday.
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  • Why I suspect ghosts and demons are behind Gaurav Tiwari’s death (dailyo.in) – Did the hunter become the hunted?
  • Gaurav Tiwari – IMDb (imdb.com) – Gaurav Tiwari, Self: Haunting: Australia. Gaurav Tiwari was born on September 2, 1984 in India. He was married to Arya Kashyap. He died on July 7, 2016 in New Delhi, India.
  • ‘No ghost or spirit can kill a man’ – The Sunday Guardian Live (sundayguardianlive.com) – What is “paranormal activity”? Does it only have to do with how people normally perceive ghosts and spirits? Do people “hallucinate” when they claim to see “apparitions”?

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