We wrote a piece of article about why business must consider websites as their primary information platform. Having a good website is equally important as is having a great workplace or office. In order to make sure that a business succeeds, several factors are considered, including the use of trendsetting technologies. We also discussed how not having a website can affect the growth of any business. But sometimes, having just a website is not enough. Back in the time, around 3-4 years ago, small companies did their online businesses by selling products on various marketplaces like Amazon, ebay, flipkart etc. Larger companies, on the other hand, didn’t just rely upon such marketplaces, but also preferred to use their own resources to sell their products and services. The later saved loads of money that went in form of commission to marketplace agents.

Now that the time has changed and the resources needed to build an eCommerce site are cheaper (even free) than ever. E-commerce stores are no longer the royalty of large scale companies. Not just the small or medium businesses but also the individuals, who have something to sell can be seen having their own e-commerce portal. This don’t just help make money but also to build trust factor between the seller and the buyer.

As told earlier, e-commerce tools are cheaper than ever, but to grab those tools you need to what sort of tools those are. I’d be listing a few names that shine the list.



WordPress is definitely one of the easiest choice to pick as an e-commerce solution. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that was primarily built for bloggers. But with wide range of developer support this open source CMS excels any other tools available and makes possible to create full-scale websites like e-commerce stores. Popular plugins like WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads individually are powerful enough to let you build any shop you’d want.


WooCommerce is world’s most popular e-commerce tool and it powers over 28% of all online stores. It’s highly customizable and gives control to every element of the store, making it easy for both developers and non-developers. With plenty of add-ons/extensions available, WooCommerce is easily the best way for a business to get start with an online business. The best of all, it is free and open source.

Easy Digital Downloads

While WooCommerce sells everything, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) specializes in digital goods, digital services and downloads. It’s as powerful as any other tool available online.

But just having an e-commerce portal isn’t enough to do all. Northeastern University provides online master of finance degree (MS Finance Online) for those interested to take their business skills to professional level.



Shopify helps businesses get a full-scale e-commerce solution online with the help of Shopify. This is one of the most cost-effective solutions available, and it’s the ultimate solution to those that aren’t tech-savvy. Although you’re limited in terms of the templates and themes at your disposal, it’s still an excellent way to get a store online that looks professional. The Shopify platform gives business owners many features and multiple options to sell, whether that be via a physical offline store, through Facebook, or by using their own Shopify platform.

Website Builders

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There are many cheap website building tools available on the internet, click here for a list of the best ones related to e-commerce solutions. This solution is much like what Shopify offers, except you’re likely to not get as much of a professional experience. This is one of the cheapest routes of getting an e-commerce store online, though, so if you just want something temporary for a year or so, this would be a route worth taking. Again, you’re going to be limited in terms of features and the themes you can choose, but you’ll still get a professional looking store out of it for an affordable monthly fee.


shopping needs

Magento is another specialized tool dedicated to online stores. It currently empowers thousands of retailers and brands with its flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow.

The above are just a few of the ways you can get an e-commerce store without going down the custom web development route which can often cost thousands. If you’re just looking to get a store online so you can build a client base, any one of the above solutions will help you do that. However, if you’re looking for the most professional solution, you’re better off siding with WordPress (if you have the tech experience) – as that’ll get you a better solution online with access to better management features.

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