How to Get Selected in Expert Roundups (and Why You Should)?

Expert roundups are the new cool. These are collections of various ideas compiled into a single article, called a roundup post.

In expert roundups, bloggers/publishers contact experts, entrepreneurs and company owners and ask them some questions related to a single topic.

These questions may vary by person and purpose of the discussions. From fun to serious and beyond, the questions can be anything that you can think of.

Say, if you are a business owner, the questions may comprise of:

  • Reasons for becoming a business owner.
  • How you picked the name of your company.
  • What advice can you give to people interested in starting businesses?
  • ... and more.

The roundup posts can also have something else apart from what got mentioned above. At times, it can be hard to find the best responses for the audience. So, a roundup post can also be a collection of roundups, statistics, tools, or strategies.

The question that often pops up is how these sites select roundup experts and questions. The aim of this article is to explain how you can get selected for roundups, why you should try to appear in roundups and what should you give answers to the questions asked at roundups?

Let's begin with the first part.

How to get selected in roundup posts?

How to get selected in roundup posts?

The rule is simple – you need to be an expert in your field or niche in order to get selected in roundup posts. But in addition to that, you must have good visibility online. Bloggers and publishers must know from where they can reach you. For that try to keep your social media accounts active and add a contact form on your personal website.

Sometimes even if you do your best, people don't reach out to you asking for opinions in the roundups, you can try outreaching bloggers yourself.

Prepare an email and send that to bloggers/publishers who are known to publish roundup posts. For that, you will have to search for intitle:"{niche} roundup" on Google.

See, in this example, I have searched for SEO roundups using the same intitle parameter.

seo roundup

These are the sites known for SEO roundup articles. You can change SEO with your niche, like "blogging roundup", "startup roundup", "business roundup" etc. If this intitle doesn't work for you, you can do simple searches to find something to work upon.

Once you find an article, go visit and analyze it.

Extract the publisher's email address by using an email finder tool and then send them a well-written Hey email.

The email format can be like this:


As I can see, you have been publishing a lot of roundups lately, for example, the one at {URL OF AN OLD ROUNDUP}. I was wondering if you are working on a new roundup article or want to add my opinions on the old ones. My name is {NAME} and I am {ABOUT YOU}. I know a thing or two in {NICHE OR FIELD OF EXPERTISE}.

Let me know if I could share my two bits.

Waiting to hear from you soon.



Replace everything in the brackets and build an email template for yourself. Remember to be humble in your emails and follow up emails like an expert.

You can also use Twitter and LinkedIn to send these messages to publishers ask them to invite you to an upcoming roundup.

Selected as an expert?

Once you are selected as an expert, you will be sent one or more questions about which you must provide an answer.

But remember, answers to roundup questions don't need to be straightforward. 90% of the time the publishers ask for opinions. From here roundup answers become a work of art, more than just science.

For that, you can take reference of roundup answers that have been published in the past. If you are unsure what to answer, you can hire a content, business or essay writer who could create the answers for you & your brand.

Bringing experience and emotions to the answers

I have seen many roundup answers that look dull and boring as hell. Don't do that. People are there to learn something from your experience. Use your past experiences to tell readers something that they will cherish forever. Also, try to be emotional. By being emotional, you can connect to readers deeply and put an impression of your brand on them.

Why roundups?

Expert roundups can be very effective in PR and promotion, can build your brand better and also take your brand from one corner of the internet to the other.

Once published, roundup posts are shared by all the experts that were listed in the article. And since all those experts are in the same niche as yours, not only you will get to build relationships with them, you also get effective access to their fanbase.

If the publisher is providing backlinks to the experts' profiles, in most cases they do, you will also attract traffic, authority and SEO.

Getting selected in expert roundups is very important but making the most of it is equally important. So make sure to get the best of it by following all the advice that I have given above.