Must Have Firefox Tools and Extensions for Bloggers

Firefox is the most customizable web-browser packed with beauty and features plus this great browsing experience is enhanced by add-ons (extension and themes). The Firefox add-on repository stores over two thousands  add-ons, all of different types and for different purposes. There are few great add-ons for blog-o-sphere too. In this post, I’ve listed  nine highly recommended Firefox tools and extensions for bloggers.

9. StumbleUpon

The StumbleUpon extension for Firefox enable a new toolbar and context menu in the browser by which you can explore, submit and stumble over the contents submitted at This toolbar helps you discover new websites, interesting content and fills your brain with dandy new-post ideas.

Download: Extension Link

8. LastPass (Free)

LastPass is in particular a password reminding tool but it also helps bloggers to auto-fill their registration / profile data. It certainly decreases effort on sites they regularly visit, by filling all these data automatically. So, forget about memorizing passwords and credit-card details like old-school students and use LastPass.

Download: Extension Link

7. Zemanta

Zemanta is not recommended at professional level but nothing is better than itfor discovering related images/content and links for casual blogposts. If you are going to use it regularly, you must sign-up for a Zemanta account . Signing-up helps you control the content this app/extension suggests for you.

Download: Extension Link

6. Print Edit

I use Print Edit extension for Firefox to edit, customize and print my blog articles in a beautiful clutter-free form. You can use this extension to convert your blog into a beautiful manually crafted e-book.

Download: Extension Link

5. Alexa Toolbar

If you want to have a better Alexa rank for your blog, you must install Alexa Toolbar for all of your browsers, not only Firefox. That won’t help you around anything in blogging but as Alexa rank depends on data taken from Alexa toolbar, you must not take any chance. You should also read some other tips on how you can improve your Alexa rank from OnlyLoudest. The Alexa toolbar can be freely downloaded from

4. Web Developer Toolbar by Mozilla

A great combination of several great extensions in one, Web Developer toolbar is already inbuilt in Mozilla Firefox. All you need to press F12 key and you’re ready to go. The web console in Firefox enables HTML/CSS inspector, debugger, live CSS editor, page source viewing, scratchpad and a full-featured web-app manager. These stuffs are very easy to learn and can be used to improve interface, load time & bugs. There is also an associated responsive design view which tells how responsive your site and how will it look on different resolution devices.

Download: This feature is inbuilt. :)

3. Web Developer by Chris Pederick

Web Developer extension  by Chris is another great tool to work on the web-development. It extends some features of inbuilt web developer tools by improving cookies & DNS management, better CSS view, image debugging and a lot more. Web developer by Chris Pederick delivers almost the same features the inbuilt toolbars offer but there is a word, superb simplicity.

Download: Extension Link

2.  Firebug

Firebug is another extension to original web developer toolbar. With proper configuration, you can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

Download: Extension Link

1. SeoQuake Toolbar

SeoQuake is an amazing utility to display all major infographic related to any site. SeoQuake displays page information including page title, url, meta descriptions, keywords  and keyword density.

It also shows detailed information about:

  • Google Page Rank for the webpage
  • Google Index for the domain
  • SemRush Links to the webpage
  • Semrush Linking Domains to the domain
  • Bing Index
  • Alexa Rank for the domain
  • Age for the domain
  • Twitter Tweets for the webpage
  • Facebook Likes for the webpage
  • Google +1s for the webpage
  • Whois information for the domain
  • Page Source (using inbuilt Firefox Source viewer)
  • SemRush Rank & Price for the site
  • Link Analysis (Internal/External, Nofollow/Dofollow)
  • Content and Keyword density for Search Engines
  • Webpage diagnosis by providing relevant suggestions.
  • Semrush is also very useful for bloggers- you can get Semrush Black friday sale.

Download: Extension Link

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