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After three hours of code wrangling, we just finished working on the first release build of the Mozilla Firefox add-on for This add-on is a launcher, cache keeper and web-optimizer, which will help you access MY DIGITAL NOTEBOOK more conveniently. It sports a toolbar button to launch the site in a click. After the installation completes, you will find the button in the toolbar.


How to Install the Add-on

Download the add-on:

[su_button url=”” style=”flat” background=”#6b0a27″ size=”5″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”icon: download” desc=”requires Mozilla Firefox 3+”]Install the add-on[/su_button]

Download the same from Mozilla Add-ons site.

When asked, allow the add-on to be downloaded.

how to installDownloading the add-on file will take less than a second. After it’s finished, you’ll see a pop-up box:

how to install 2Click on Install Now and restart the browser. Hurray, you’re done. After installation you can launch the web-app by clicking on the toolbar button. See the splash screen:

Screenshot (109)

If you are using Firefox 29+, you may need to put the button manually by using the customize feature.

how to put the toolbar button into toolbar


We are now working on an add-on which will load without internet using aggressive caching. Please, try the add-on and send your feedback using our contact form.

Google Chrome and Opera users can also enjoy our extensions. Those are lightweight, simple and buggy. More details can be found on the app downloads page.



  • Mozilla Developer
  • Buffer’s Firefox add-on
  • Feedly’s Firefox add-on

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