4 Facts You Should Know About YouTube

The internet has been on the rise for the longest time, and social media has picked up to be one of the most popular medium being used for communication as well as entertainment. One of the major resolutions that have come with this is YouTube. Not only has the platform provided an avenue to offer much needed information to the world, but also it has come in handy to provide a viable source of income for those who are willing to invest in the data. YouTube is a platform that provides data or information through content creation that is mainly in the form of video or audio. As a a content creator, here are four facts you should know about YouTube:

It is not that tough to get subscribers (or even buy those)

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Most YouTube content creators struggle with getting subscribers because they do not know whether they could get those. As usual there are two ways of gaining subscribers – organic & paid. Getting organic subscribers can be very hard especially given the fact that there are more than 5 million YouTube content creators. It mostly varies depending on your niche, but the common variable is the getting the initial number which is usually more than 5000 to get more people to gain trust your content. This is usually a positive thing and shows that people are interested in the content that you are offering. Paid ways include paid content promotion in YouTube videos and buying YouTube subscribers. In paid content promotion, you collaborate with popular content creators with a fee and that helps your channels get a boost. Alternatively, you can buy YouTube subscribers and get started in no time.

Creating impact is easy

Most creators are so fixated on the money that they usually forget that they have an open platform that they can use to get through to the world and change people’s perception.

YouTube has over 40 million active users, which means that there is scope in every part of the world. For example, one of the major impacts that the site has managed to effect is the reduction of suicide rates through motivation videos.

This goes to prove that as a content creator you can make a conscious decision to improve millions of lives through the content you actively put out provided it is positive.

Collaboration helps your channel grow

It is very important to collaborate with other content creators since they have a different kind of platform that they are interested in that can be beneficial to your audience. This will help your subscribers with another skill as well as help them gain more knowledge on some things they relate to. As mentioned earlier, collaboration can also pull in new subscribers. It is also important to collaborate because you might learn something new about the things that you did not know of.

Using other Social Media Platforms alongside helps too

Other social media platforms like Facebook/Twitter can pull in more subscribers and can add people of more nature to your followership. Videos are quite popular on Facebook like sites, where you can resubmit your YouTube content or just share a link and provoke your friends/followers to join your channel for the greater good.