This cashless session has given the e-commerce in India a great boost. Plastic Money & Online Wallets are much more powerful – and quite essential nowadays. In the hype of cashless economy we need more efficient ways to save on online purchases. Here we introduce Fab Promocodes, a powerful new website that collects a range of offers and coupons from variety of shopping options.

Fab PromoCodes is a conversion-centric portal for all online shopping needs and is amazingly built with an e-commerce layout and at first appearance it looks to mimic Flipkart. The homepage features trending offers from few of the top sites like PayTM, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, AJIO etc. Lower the interface goes normal and is arranged as many of the coupon collecting sites I already had reviewed. So, let’s just not talk about those and figure what better the Fab PromoCodes can do for a person in need.

Moving beyond their great web interface, Fab PromoCodes has nothing incredible to offer right now. The site does feature promotional codes but they aren’t presented in a specific way other portals haven’t.  But they do offer a planned and studied layout loaded with mostly valid promotional coupons and excellent navigational setup.

Previously I had discussed why consumers or shop owners need to get into coupon business. Fab PromoCodes works mostly on the same definition but sports more professional approach to it. It is one of most conventional sites of the type we called coupon collectors.

Design Homepgae Homepgae

Already discussed above, features fresh design, usual layout and is simple to use and navigate. Colors are chosen wisely and deemed to look professional & entertaining at the same time.



The webpages are responsive. That means the site is accessible on any device with a compatible browser. They do not own any mobile apps right now. Also they offer logging in to users’ area which doesn’t seem to work at my end. Some of the links were broken at the time this article was published. Not a lot of advertisements are shown (merely 3-4) making the site quicker to load and less annoying.


Lenskart offers on Fabpromocodes
Lenskart offers on Fabpromocodes

Content is mostly SERP targeted and doesn’t include a lot of variable information. They have worked well to make the site purely coupon centric, like Couponzguru and unlike Zoutons.

Wide Range of stores

Amazon App offers on Fab Promocodes
Amazon App offers on Fab Promocodes
Snapdeal App offers on Fab Promocodes
Snapdeal App offers on Fab Promocodes

Fab Promocodes’ store range spans from Clothing to Electronics, Books to Movies, Recharges etc. Most popular and trending offers are enlisted on the homepage, making sure you don’t miss what you are expecting for. Fab Promocodes is one of the most properly designed coupon site I ever used. Despite average content posted on the website, they try to make sure that you get what you look for. Fab Promocodes is a recommended tool for anyone looking for high quality and valid coupons and it may save a lot of bucks if used wisely.

fabpromocodes logo png
Fab Promocodes
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