Leading cloud-based social-commerce platform ezebee.com has launched their completely new & up-to-date technical platform for small and medium size businesses. ezebee.com now allows worldwide free access to their services to anyone willing to create their own online shop. The purpose of this latest update is to standardize ebezee.com as an open and free online marketplace to help business owners sell directly to the online buyers. It is now completely open for the user in all countries from all over the world and costs nothing to begin with.
ezebee.com has included various commercial options to enhance user experience during shop setup. You can either create online shop from scratch or jump directly to import products from external sites. With Pinterest like pin option, you can now pin your major products from external websites on top. This option is perfectly suitable for business holders with products hosted on flipkart etc. like external marketplaces. Affiliate marketers can make use of this feature as well and can earn good amount of money with minimal efforts.

Not just that, now you can sell your products with chat and buy system which enables customers to chat with shop owners and purchase products/offer services at negotiable prices.
Talking about prices, ezebee.com has their own internal currency known as EZB coins that enables cross-country transactions. It is aimed to make fair trade between countries, even there where international currency export is prohibited, as in India. Local currency is converted into EZB Coins and then are exchanged according to seller/buyer’s end and vice versa.
At ezebee.com, merchants get their free web-shop which can be easily designed by a page-builder over an unlimited bandwidth space. The webshop is further powered by Facebook like boost-function, product scrapping and automatic sharing like features. These quality business experiences are powered by a sleek, mobile first and fully responsive layout.

In this way, ezebee.com has become a place where you get complete freedom to search, sell and buy products from any corner of the world with no boundary limitations at all. So if you are looking to make money online by sellling your products, create a free online shop at ezebee.com and give it a go.

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