What is an EGR Cooler and How Long Does it Last?

The various components of a car significantly contribute to smooth and hassle-free rides. So, it is essential to maintain and service each of these components to keep your vehicle in good condition. The heart of a car is what we call an engine. It is a very complex machine that operates the various working parts of a vehicle.

Among the most critical engine components is the EGR Cooler.

The performance and pick-up of a vehicle depend on the condition of the EGR Cooler. While facing issues related to a poor condition EGR Cooler and wanting to replace it, you can go through various catalogs like the one at Boodmo to compare and purchase high-quality EGR coolers at genuine and affordable prices. Boodmo.com offers premium quality EGR coolers at genuine rates.

Now, let's skip to the main matter.

What is an EGR Cooler?

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The production of Nitrous Oxide due to the reaction of Nitrogen and Oxygen during combustion is a very harmful pollutant. So, to prevent the emission of Nitrous Oxide into the atmosphere, automobile engineers developed the concept of Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR coolers.

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The main work of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooler is to reduce the high temperatures during the combustion reactions between Nitrogen and Oxygen by diluting the reaction with inert gases. It reduces the production and emission of harmful pollutants like Nitrogen Oxide heavily. It also assists in injecting coolant into the engine intake valves to reduce the temperature. 

How Long Does an EGR Cooler Last?

It is a query that comes to the minds of every vehicle user. The longevity of the EGR Cooler may vary from user to user. Its longevity largely depends on servicing, cleaning, and other resembling factors. However, on average, the EGR Cooler lasts for almost 80,000 miles. But, defects or damages in the EGR Cooler can decrease its longevity. So, it is essential to frequently service the vehicle so that the vital components like the EGR Cooler remain intact. 

5 Signs That the EGR Cooler Needs Replacement

Many of us may not know the exact symptoms of a faulty or damaged EGR Cooler. Here we will discuss common signs that help you identify a faulty EGR Cooler. The symptoms are below:

Frequent Loss of Coolant

The regular loss in the coolant from the engine is a sign of a faulty or damaged EGR cooler. Due to the damaged EGR cooler, the coolant evaporates from the exhaust. Low levels of coolant in the vehicle can raise the temperatures of the car during the drives. Though different reasons can result in the loss of coolant, the emission of white smoke and the failure of coolant quantity symbolize a damaged EGR Cooler. The only way to deal with the issue is the replacement of the EGR Cooler. 

Overheating of Engine during Drives

Overheating the engine during drives can stall and be deadly for the passengers in the car. Overheating of the machine can be caused by various reasons. However, one of the significant reasons for engine overheating is damaged or failed EGR coolers. The accumulation of carbon on the surfaces of the coolers restricts the flow of gases. The lesser the flow of gases and fumes through the exhausts, the higher the chances of overheating. While facing such symptoms, you should replace your EGR cooler immediately, as it can negatively impact your vehicle's performance and longevity. 

Emission of White Smoke 

The emission of white smoke is a sign of a damaged or faulty EGR Cooler. The white smoke during drives indicates that the cooler has leaked and contaminated the EGR system with the coolant. It can be dangerous for the vehicle and damage the car's performance. Also, the white smoke emitted from faulty EGR Cooler harms the environment. So, if you are witnessing the emission of white smoke, you must visit a service center and replace your EGR cooler. 

Leak in the Exhaust

One of the most common and significant signs of a faulty or damaged EGR Cooler is leakage in the exhausts. The exhaust leak mainly occurs due to the wear and tear of the surfaces of the EGR Cooler. You can identify the leakage from the exhaust by hissing sounds from the engine. The negligence towards it may cause damage to your vehicle thoroughly. 

Keep a Check on the Engine Light

The current generation of vehicles comes with the latest technologies that assist the users in identifying any kinds of defects in the vehicle. So, if the engine light on your car dashboard is on, there is a possibility that something is not working correctly.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the top symptoms that indicate a damaged or imperfect EGR Cooler. If you are facing any troubles related to EGR Cooler, we recommend you replace the cooler at the earliest.