6 Effective Customer Acquisition Strategies Your Startup Needs Today

If you are planning to build a start-up, it is vital to know about customer acquisition strategies that you will use when you are done building your products and services. In the beginning, the majority of startups struggle to get potential customers due to lack of impact in their customer acquisition strategies. Some fail even to make their brands visible to customers. Some don't know how to figure out a potential customer and what they can do to convert a lead into a customer.

Effective Customer Acquisition Strategies

In this article, I will walk you through with the 6 best and most effective customer acquisition strategies that a startup needs today. As usual, these strategies are all about finding the right way to convert leads to customers, figure out the demography, offers and ads to keep them engaging.

Let's start.

Figure out Potential Customer

The first thing that you need to do is to figure out a potential customer base for your business. Do some market research, talk to some experts and read some studies to know what kind of customers can be a fit to your business.

If you are running a software business, you can't have customers that have a sheer interest in hospitality. A tech business needs a customer that is ready to buy tech products and so on.

Suppose you have found a customer and they have used one or more products. Next, you need to focus on customer retention and customer feedback. I have discussed customer retention in detail in an existing article. Using customer feedback you can understand what a customer is really looking for. You can use Leadpages and Google Forms like survey/online lead generation tools to achieve this.

When you have received feedback in a significant volumne, tailor your product as per those suggestions to fill the customer needs and satisfaction. Customer feedback is a must for every truly web-based product. Full online product providers, like iGaming operators, are using customer feedback as their prima-strategy to capture more market share. Online casino games, skill based betting games and social networks are run totally online and their customer acquisition relies 100% on online customer feedback. (Suggested read: sports betting in India)

Find out Where Your Customers Are

To improve the chances of better customer acquisitions, you have to know where your targeted customers are and what they like. This refers to both the online and offline demographics of the customers. Once you know both the location and the interests of your customers, you can build up the marketing strategies based on these two.

Not just this, use an online CRM tool to be in constant touch with your customers. These may feel a bit much but trust me — these are worth your time. You can garner more sales and high customer value using this strategy.

Use YouTube to Boost Your Online Presence

The internet is today, the blockchain is tomorrow but multimedia is evergreen. Videos have been the best way to advertise a brand — online or offline. YouTube is currently the best place where you can post your videos and get an online presence for free. Do YouTube keyword research, create and upload some exciting videos to your YouTube channel based on those keywords and let the customers find you. Share these videos with every social network or newsletter you own. Embed these videos on your website so that you can connect with the audience quickly. This is the cheapest way to skyrocket your customer base.

Use Word of Mouth to Get More Customers

A traditional way to find genuine customers is through word-of-mouth referrals. The top two brand names — Instagrams and Snapchat drove many customers to their products in a short period of time using word-of-mouth. This strategy is evergreen and never fails. Actively encourage word-of-mouth discussions about your products and services. Let people talk about it. Create something worth talking about, ask for reviews and tell the whole world how good your products are.

Promarketers create something worth talking about and then encourage their customers to talk about it. As we know, people love to refer to their family friends before making purchasing decisions.

Attract Your Customer with a “buy one get one free” Offer

To acquire loyal customers in the market, you need to offer free stuff to provoke them to experience your product. Once they try your product, they will know the value and benefits of your product compared to your competitors' products. Ensure that the item you are offering for free is legitimate and good. Offering a cheap or broken product will leave a wrong impression on your brand.

Use Quality Content to Create a Customer Acquisition Strategy

Creating quality content regularly can help you promote your product and add value to your online presence. There are an array of ways to publish useful content every day, including blogs, newsletters, and social media posts. White papers are also a tried and true method to acquire and connect with customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boosts your content to rank at the top place in the Google search rankings.

So, these were some strategies to explore for the new start-up owners. The right approach can drive marketers millions, but it will take some time for you to catch the attention of your customers. Always remember that your goal is to create sustainable customer acquisition strategies to keep up with industry trends. Do everything you can to achieve that.