Easy Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners

This free ebook, titled Easy Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners, can be your starting point if you are trying to earn some bucks via affiliates.

This ebook is just 22 pages long and covers only important parts of affiliate marketing. It has everything you need to know and nothing that you shouldn’t.

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Over 90% of professional online marketers I know use affiliate marketing one way or another to earn money.

And why wouldn’t they?

After all, affiliate marketing is the most popular and the highest yielding online money-making marketing strategy.

I, too, have used all the money-making strategies possible, and to tell you a fact, affiliate marketing has the highest yielding rate.

If done properly, you won’t even need to bother around for a job in your whole life.

It has the highest ROI (returns on investment) among all money-making strategies.

Not just this, affiliate marketing is the easiest to learn and work upon. You can quickly learn, and with some planning, you can start making huge money in quick time.


  • 22 pages
  • PDF (light and dark versions)
  • Unlimited personal usage
  • Lifetime validity

Table of contents

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing
  2. How does Affiliate Marketing Work?
  3. Before You Start
  4. Promoting Affiliates
    1. Blog
    2. Email Marketing
    3. Niche websites
    4. PPC Search Engines advertising
    5. Social Networking
    6. Forum
  5. How to be Successful in Affiliate Marketing?
    1. Experiment with your business
    2. Offer Something in Return
    3. Show discounts
    4. Sell Cheaper Items
    5. Promote with Context
    6. Review Products to Sell Better
  6. Difficulty Levels
  7. Becoming a Successful Affiliate
  8. Minimum Investments Required
  9. Make use of Courses