While I was busy with semester exams, my colleague figured that all comments are showing to be posted by Anonymous author. How weird? Anonymous name is given to the writer of a comment in which ‘author-name’ field is kept blank. I did not allow to post ‘anonymous’ comments on this blog and everything was okay until I installed the latest update (1.2.9, possibly) of Design Wall’s Question Answer (DWQA) plugin. This Q&A tool has proven to be a tonic to the interactivity of my website since I installed it in March 2014. It is lightweight, packed with features (plus this bug ) — and here , I used it to engage with users who were willing to ask topic specific queries to me.


What happened?

I didn’t change anything. As usual, I installed the updates listed as version 1.2.9 and then 1.2.10, though. This is where bug took place into their code. All comment author names, except mine, changed from their regular ones to Anonymous. This happened to both on the front (website) and back-ends (dashboard).  I tried to change them back to custom  ones, they did not change. You can see how they changed:


Any Solutions?

Not yet. Yes. First of all I thought, it was a database error — that’s why I made a restore to an earlier date. After it did not seem to work, I used WordPress support forum to request a help. Support forum didn’t help either. While all techniques were failing, I decided to investigate the plugins activated. As Akismet handles my comments, it was my main suspect. But deactivating Akismet didn’t help.  I deactivated other remaining plugins at once and viola, success!. All comment author names started showing perfectly. I cautiously activated all other plugins except ‘DWQA’ , and all my comments/comment authors were safe and sound.

As I have deactivated DWQA plugin, readers will no longer be able to access the Question Hub. I am expecting a quick bug fix from designwall team and if that don’t come soon, I will be exporting Question Hub to BuddyPress.

While exploring plugins files of DWQA I figured, there was a small faulty code in dw-question-answer/inc/actions.php file on lines 1736 to 1740:

function dwqa_comment_author_link_anonymous( $comment ) {
// global $current_comment;
if( $comment->user_id <= 0 ) {
$comment->comment_author = __('Anonymous','dwqa');
return $comment ;

Changing that into following did the trick for me:

function dwqa_comment_author_link_anonymous( $comment ) {
// global $current_comment;
if( $comment->user_id <= 0 && ( get_post_type( $comment->comment_post_ID ) == 'dwqa-question' || get_post_type( $comment->comment_post_ID ) == 'dwqa-answer') ) {
$comment->comment_author = __('Anonymous','dwqa');
return $comment ;

Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
  1. Whenever we ask any question it asks to enter the email address to ask a question in (dw-question answer page) but the email address doesn’t show in the admin panel or in the page itself.

    How to show the email address in the admin panel to know who posted the question not comment.

    1. Hi jeevan,
      We just get users email to notice them whenever their question get new answer, all guests will be set as anonymous.

  2. Hi Gaurav,
    Thanks for pointing out and writing about this bug of DW Question Answer and i am glad you did.

    I have fixed this bug and updated the code, you can go to this link https://github.com/designwall/dw-question-answer/commit/e7e218225dbbdc6dec2ed484ad4c13fe3db7a24d and check.

    As you know the DW Question Answer plugin is free for download and use, while the development team are trying to improve and make it better day by day, the growth and success of the plugin is on the community that use it. For your benefit and as well as the benefit of the community, it would be great if you want to join our Github project at: https://github.com/designwall/dw-question-answer. Feel free to commit code or submit any issues that you find out. This way we can both fix the issue faster and the plugin is up to date all the time.

    By the way, besides WordPress support forums, we also have our support site running on DW Q&A: http://designwall.com/question There is actually a small community we are having there, would be great if you would join.


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