Surface Book 3 Black Friday Deals and Offers

Looking to buy Microsoft® Surface Book 3? Let me help you with a review of Surface Book 3 and walkthrough you with the best Surface Book 3 Black Friday Deals and offers.

About Surface Book Laptops

The Surface Book 3 is both an amazing laptop and an amazing tablet, in one. Its PixelSense display is futuristic and very surreal on the same time. Surface Book 3 is a laptop that can handle your biggest demands and a tablet that can keep you entertained over the clock.

This is the most powerful Surface laptop yet. Surface Book 3 boasts high speed processing, ultimate graphics, and immersive gaming with the versatility of a laptop, tablet, and portable studio.

Bonus: The Beginner’s Checklist for buying a new laptop

It is available in 13.5” or 15” sizes, both with a high-resolution touchscreen. Surface Book laptops come with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU high speed GDDR5 memory. The battery of the Surface Book lasts up to 12 hours. It can be bought on Amazon (Black Friday deals applied) or Microsoft Official Websites. Here are the product variations:

Surface Book 3: 13.5 Inch Models

Surface Book 3: 15 Inch Models

Surface Book 3 Black Friday Deals

Surface book 3 black friday deals

The only downside to the Surface Book 3 – its steep price tag. Fortunately, Black Friday and Cyber Monday events are both here and we sure are anticipating that the Surface Book’s price would go down on these days. Visit this page for updates on Surface Book price drops and discounts.

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