Meet Crypto Snack: a Green De-Fi Token Reimagining Online Transactions

A beginner’s guide on Crypto Snack exploring how the token works.

Launched in the second quarter of 2021, Crypto Snack is on an epic journey to become a mainstream payment method alongside PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. Crypto Snack got its first 100 holders on August 12th. Barely a month later (September 13th), the newly-released token reached 400 holders – a 400% increase in the number of people who own SNACK tokens. 

Many players in the cryptocurrency circles are not acquainted with Crypto Snack. Nevertheless, this doesn’t come as a surprise. The most popular digital currencies in the world are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Contrary to what you might think, these three cryptos earned their popularity. Bitcoin is famous for being the first-ever crypto. Ethereum is renowned for its Smart Contracts and decentralized apps (dApps). Meanwhile, Dogecoin has been an internet sensation since the crypto started as a meme. 

Likewise, we believe that Crypto Snack will earn its spot alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin since it is a special token. Continue reading to find out what’s so special about this 2021-released Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based crypto. 

What is Crypto Snack?

Crypto Snack

You will be pleased to learn that Crypto Snack is a digital currency built for the crypto world by passionate crypto enthusiasts. While you might quickly assume that Crypto Snack is similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum, this is far from the truth. Crypto Snack is a community. And all members of the Crypto Snack community own, govern and earn the token together. 

The traditional financial system has many middlemen. Technologies such as the internet and cloud computing are eliminating some 3rd parties in financial transactions. On the other hand, Crypto Snack eliminates all middlemen in the finance space using Smart Contracts on the blockchain network. 

In addition to being a token, Crypto Snack is also a decentralized app (dApp). Anyone who adheres to Crypto Snack’s goals can use the cryptocurrency. And the BSC-based coin gives users access to the premier Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Unlike other digital currencies, Crypto Snack is committed to meeting the needs of the SNACK community. The token is also investing its resources in protecting the planet by promoting sustainable and renewable energy. 

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Why Crypto Snack is going to be a success?

Crypto Snack is a rising star in the cryptocurrency scene, thanks to its continued success. Below are the primary reasons the BSC-based De-Fi token is excelling.

Their focus on green energy And sustainability

Crypto Snack believes that climate change is the biggest war we have to fight to protect our planet. For this reason, the SNACK community intends to use 10% of the available tokens to promote the use of green and renewable energy.

Crypto Snack understands that fossil fuel usage plays a big role in increasing global warming. Therefore, the SNACK community focuses on green energy and sustainability projects in developing countries with the greatest reliance on fossil fuels. As you can see, Crypto Snack is one of the few digital coins that understands the importance of protecting the planet for future generations, which explains its continued success in the cryptocurrency scene. 

Collaborations with other BSC-based projects

Instead of competing with other BSC-based projects, Crypto Snack is working together with De-Fi tokens to add new use cases while also enhancing the BSC ecosystem through Snack Pioneer. 

The main goal of the Snack Pioneer project is to create new BSC-based products by creating new partnerships among cryptocurrency developers and teams. Crypto Snack doesn’t want to compete with successful projects in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Instead, the token focuses on forging alliances with successful projects, and the objective is to realize the SNACK community’s goals. 

How can you use Crypto Snack?

Are you wondering how you can use Crypto Snack? If so, the right question to ask yourself is what Crypto Snack can’t do. Yes, SNACK Tokens can be used as a medium of exchange on i-gaming sites and other establishments that accept them. Below are two ways you can use the coveted SNACK tokens. 

Funding Gameplay On Snack Casinos

SNACK is great news for crypto casinos and betting enthusiasts. Crypto Snack is partnering with Bitcoin and Ethereum casino sites. As a result, players can wager on real money games on these sites using SNACK tokens. 

Unlike fiat currencies or popular cryptos like bitcoin, SNACK tokens will help you enjoy fast, affordable, and secure transactions. Moreover, Crypto Snack uses Smart Contracts to streamline online gaming. Therefore, you can enjoy more peace of mind while betting on your favorite sports or casino games.

Facilitating pseudo-anonymous transactions

Crypto Snack runs on blockchain technology. Note that the blockchain network stores all transaction details on the public ledger. So how does Crypto Snack facilitate pseudo-anonymous transactions? The BSC-based crypto doesn’t request users to share their real-world identities. Therefore, the token’s users can use pseudo names to protect their identity as they transact on SNACK-accepting brands.

Crypto Snack is also in the process of developing its blockchain network that guarantees to facilitate anonymous transactions. The new blockchain network will prevent the IP addresses of senders and recipients in a transaction from leaking the real-world addresses of parties involved in a Crypto Snack transaction. 

Is Crypto Snack legit?

The short answer is “yes.” Crypto Snack is a fair launched (Decentralized Finance) De-Fi coin, and its mission is to make De-Fi projects, dApps, and solutions accessible to everyone in the digital currency space.

Crypto Snack understands that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is taking place slowly because most people can’t afford to make a huge initial investment in the technology. CryptoSnack offers MetaMask Integration to solve this problem while also facilitating affordable cross-chain token swaps. As a result, the token’s users can enjoy hassle-free cross-chain token swaps, which allows them to diversify their crypto investments. 

Besides being legit, Crypto Snack is also scaling its operations. Therefore, prospective SNACK token holders should expect to come across a vibrant SNACK community eager to explore new De-Fi solutions. 

How to invest in Crypto Snack?

As you can see, individuals who invest in Crypto Snack can expect lucrative returns. So what should you do to jumpstart your investment in Crypto Snack today? You can start by purchasing SNACK tokens from Julswap, and we have highlighted the process below. 

1. Create a Julswap Wallet

Visit JulSwap or download the JulWallet.

Once the download is complete, create and set up your wallet. You will receive a secret phrase after setting up your Julswap wallet. Keep the secret phrase safely and never share it with anyone. 

2. Fund your JulWalet with SNACK tokens

Press the icon on Julwallet’s top-right corner. Next, search for Crypto Snack. Sometimes, the search might not display Crypto Snack. Knowing this, tap the “Add Custom Token” button if you can’t find Crypto Snack after searching for it. 

3. Purchase Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Adding BSC to your crypto wallet is straightforward. However, you will first have to buy BNB tokens and later swap them for BSC. Yes, you will get the BNB tokens on all top BSC crypto exchanges. 

4. Swap your BSC tokens for Crypto Snack

Does your JulWallet have BSC tokens? If so, you are a click away from owning SNACK tokens. Enter the number of SNACK tokens you want to swap with your BSC coins. The transaction might take a few seconds or minutes, after which you will receive your SNACK tokens. 

Crypto Snack price and Market cap

image 1

As of now, Crypto Snack has 70,000,000,000 coins. Only 60% of these tokens will be sold to the public. 10% of all SNACK tokens are reserved for the Crypto Snack ecosystem, and another 10% has been set aside for green energy projects. Also, note that 10% of all SNACK tokens will go to the CryptoSnack team while the remaining 10% will go into the coin’s marketing campaigns. 

Crypto Snack vs. other altcoins

Of course, Crypto Snack is a cryptocurrency. But does this mean that the token is similar to all other digital currencies? The short answer is “no.” The token is different from other cryptos. Here is how Crypto Snack compares to other altcoins;


Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies run on blockchain technology. It is worth highlighting that digital currencies running on blockchain technology depend on mining to generate new coins. Alternatively, Crypto Snack is a (BSC) Binance Smart Chain-based token. For this reason, users don’t rely on crypto mining to create new SNACK tokens.

Energy Friendly

As highlighted above, Crypto Snack doesn’t rely on mining to create new coins. Crypto mining is energy-intensive, and this is why energy experts are warning of its unsustainability. In addition to being energy-friendly, Crypto Snack is one of the few altcoins making significant investments in protecting the planet. 

Transaction Charges

Crypto mining is energy-intensive. Moreover, global oil prices are at their all-time highest. Cryptos that rely on mining make up for their spending on energy by increasing their transaction costs. Knowing this, use SNACK tokens to transact on online casinos or other platforms, as this will help you avoid high transaction charges. 


All SNACK token holders have voting rights that they can exercise if they want to have a say on how the crypto handles its business or upcoming projects. For instance, SNACK holders can vote for projects they want Crypto Snack to prioritize.

Start Transacting With Crypto Snack Today

Just like planting trees, it’s never too late to enjoy Crypto Snack transactions. With the BSC-based token, you can pay for groceries, coffee, office, or home supplies on platforms that accept the crypto. You can also use SNACK coins to wager on your favorite sports betting or casino games. On that note, remember that you can only do this on i-gaming sites that accept Crypto Snack. 

Lastly, newbies in the digital currency space can use Crypto Snack to get popular cryptos. Online casinos and exchanges that accept the token also support other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, feel free to trade your SNACK tokens for other altcoins on crypto exchanges and casinos.