Credits and Site Blueprint is built on some of the greatest tools on the planet. Here are all the services, tools, plugin, themes and devices that I use.


I have built this site and many others on Marketers Delight (MD) WordPress theme. MD has powerful design system with inbuilt hooks, powerful filters, marketing optins and inbuilt Gutenberg support. It is both fast and beautiful at the same time. It’s not cheap but if you buy a license you get usage on unlimited sites wit automatic theme updates on 5 sites.

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I use these premium plugins:

  1. WP Rocket
  2. Perfmatters
  3. GenerateBlocks Pro
  4. Rank Math
  5. Novashare
  6. WP Coupons
  7. Ninja Tables Pro
  8. Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  9. Flink App Builder
  10. Imagify
  11. Link Whisper Pro

Other plugins include:

Photos and Graphics


Hosting and Performance

No counterfeit products were used in the making of this website. No dogs were harmed either.

Apps that I use for Writing and Planning

Apps that I use for Marketing and SEO


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