5 Great Conversion Ready Landing Pages

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Ever wondered what went wrong, as you planned & worked hard to optimize your website in every aspect of web designing & SEO. But the conversion rate now you notice is nothing compared to the things you put together in your plan. Go to your site stats and check how many pages at average does a unique visitor view? 1 or 2 or more? If the number is less than 2, then your site has a really bad conversion ratio. This amount of views per visitor means that your visitors just enter, and… leave! What? But why do they go away? You say, you have everything a consumer will need. Then why aren’t people clicking through?

Think again. Your content may be the best, but it’s worth nothing until it’s easily accessible & click friendly. No matter what your visitors come looking for, your first aim should be to make your website interactive enough to stick them in different engagements.

How can more conversion be achieved?

There isn’t a single answer to this question. There are several elements that affect clicks & engagement. Reports tell that if properly designed, 45% readers landing on an internal page of your website, always return to your homepage. There, on the homepage, you can engage them in other site activities by showing a perfect homepage. A perfect homepage, also called landing page in internet marketing, can convert your reader into a subscriber or even a buyer.

Creating a landing page, is actually even more challenging than pulling traffic to it. A landing page must be clean, fast loading and conversion ready with productive action elements (buttons, links, forms etc.). You can design the landing page anyway you want, but make sure to focus on just one-thing: conversion.

According to Nick Carson

There are plenty of rules and principles of great design but when it comes to a website’s landing page, it is almost an exact science. It’s about ‘conversion-centered design’, or using the design of the landing page to persuade a user towards a particular action.

Very true! But as we said, there’s no single way to achieve a better level of conversion friendliness. How can just one example show the ways to boost conversion? There are hundreds of ideal examples on internet with which you can learn & get inspired.

In this special post, we’ll quickly go through some great landing pages. They may be new to you, but these are the sites I’ve been inspired for a long. Let’s pick our favorites.

5. Buffer

…easing with halves.

buffer landing page template


Buffer is a sharing tool for multiple social networks, including Facebook & Twitter. With an image on left with big call to action and sign-in buttons on right, bufferapp.com is an ideal example for those who are willing to boost their user base. Not just social sign-ins but signing-in with email is equally easy. As sign-in & register pages are the same,  visitors don’t need to look for an extra page for different conversions. Just enter your details, tap either of login or sign-up & you are ready to.

4. rdio

…eye candy!

rdio.com page landing


rdio.com is a free ad-supported music streaming service working in all major countries. rdio’s candid graphics & huge calls to action are sufficient to make you an rdio lover. A slide-out menu is always there for curious visitors.

3. Coupon Machine

… land to the roots.

Get Latest Offers And Discount Coupons couponmachineIf properly designed, content focused websites can be exceptionally conversion ready too. The prime examples, YouTube and Wikipedia like websites have preferred content over creativity.

Coupon Machine is coupon collecting web portal which recently got my attention with its newly introduced flat design & click ready blocks. One of its own kind, coupon machine is another example of how effective regular web designs can be.

With proper call-out elements, Coupon Machine invites you to click on the buttons. And once you click on one, you see the coupon code you were looking for. But wait, affiliated shop’s web-page also opens in next tab. That’s one effective engagement technique commercial webmasters are aggressively trying now-a-days.

 2. Dropbox

… simpler means better



Dropbox is not just our favorite cloud storage service, but a guru telling you the most amazing truth of conversion : “Keep simple”. With merely a dozen words and an image on the homepage, it calls you to engage for a long or just go. The bold call to actionYour stuff, anywhere, is always ready to hunt you from Yours.

1. WordPress.com

… never let it go!


WordPress.com_ Create a free website or blog

World’s largest free blogging tool, WordPress.com has an amazing intro page. It has the real potential to convert a reader into a writer. WordPress.com has achieved perfection in every theory of conversion. It won’t easily let you skip the homepage by showing great calls to action & features along with a huge centered button. And once, you enter it — knowing it’s free — you will suggested various upgrades  (and even trial packs).



By going through these examples, you will understand that reader-engagement can never be achieved using a single web design theory. You will always need to experiment with all of your web elements to meet readers’ requirements as well as recent design trends.


Gaurav Tiwari

A designer by profession, a mathematician by education but a Blogger by hobby. Loves reading and writing. Just that. Folllow me at @wpgaurav on twitter for more.