No matter where you look in the digital society right now, content marketing is everywhere. The concept is nothing new and is not a marketing strategy that requires a specialist’s ability to comprehend. It is always around the facets of the digital market. Every blogger outreach platform, magazine, newspaper, book publisher and TV station are content marketers. Everyone knows and does it. It’s just a matter of who will do better and who employs the best tactics.

Stand Out From the Content Creation Crowd

Even though you like to think that you are an intelligent, quick, talented and prolific writer, it doesn’t mean that you will become a good marketer. It doesn’t make you a marketer that stands out from the crowd. Perhaps, you need something special. Perhaps, all marketers do. Your competitors create contents too and compete with you to rank high in SERP at an increasing rate. Thus, writing good contents is no longer sufficient as everyone does it. Even your favorite coffee shop is blogging. Fashion retailers, local spas, law firms, salons, photographers, outdoor stores, and even hardware stores are all maximizing content creation to sell their products and services. And so you do.

It’s a battle of wits and marketing. However, going with the flow doesn’t work out every time. In a sea of hungry marketers and competitors that swim toward the same direction, success could be elusive. Just because your competitors are going south doesn’t mean that you have to. If you can go north and find practical ways to harness your content marketing strategies, then go! Even if it means taking a different route and using unusual methods. If you’re one who’s up for the challenge and wants to try unorthodox content marketing, this article is for you.

Celebrate Individuality


Through social culture, it’s easy to create a memorable impression that people will take away from meeting you. Do you have a face tattoo or a green hair? Do you have a funny laugh? Do you have a unique quality that people can recognize right away? If you have, you’re one lucky son of a marketer!

However, building a reputation online is hard. It’s not the same as creating good impressions. You need to find the green hair within your online persona. You need to channel your ability to fascinate the public into an ability to enchant people with your contents.

Check out some of the suggestions below:

  • Create a niche within your niche. You’re a marketer in Facebook, and within this niche, you’re also an expert in Facebook advertising. But how about being a targeting expert in Facebook? No one knows Facebook targeting as you do. Use this variance to leverage your contents above your competitors.
  • Be timely and relevant. Start creating relevant posts or a weekly write-ups of sector news.
  • The point of views. Present an interesting point of view. For example, you can try to write as the Google algorithm yourself instead of writing about it.
  • Visual medley. Utilize images, screenshots, and graphs. Create content visuals that stand out from the rest and capture the interest of the public.
  • Conjure an actual persona. Create a character and write whole articles in that persona. You can also create a funny mascot and feature it on your daily contents.

Write in a Different Direction


Everyone can write contents since it just requires a couple of hands and a basic understanding of language and grammar. And by theory, content marketing needs a dash of knowledge about your subjects, although it’s easy to manipulate.

Unfortunately, not everyone can write uniquely. Not everyone can write memorable pieces that will last for weeks or months even. However, it’s the people, your audience, who can encourage brand recall, feedbacks, and social shares that boost readership.

In other words, write in a different trait, a style that is different from your competitors:

  • Write controversially. If someone will say, blogger outreach for SEO is dead, take the opposite point of view. If someone releases a Youtube video that claims advertising your page on Facebook are a waste of money, respond emphatically and quickly. Write something that fights against the claims of other parties.
  • Write with color and flavor. Write fun or anecdotal, satirical or sarcastic articles that still hold credible grounds. Write with talent and skill and creatively engage your readers.
  • Write something fresh and interesting. Hypotheses and theories go viral. These pieces can create controversy themselves, which in return, increases your prestige as a thought leader in your niche.
  • Revive old issues with a fresh take. Write about something that people take for granted or misunderstood. Take the path against the status quo and write an article about using phone calls for webinar sign-ups or email marketing for lead generation.
  • Write with honesty. You know, empathy goes a long way. You write about your past struggle and how you overcome them. Be honest about your failed marketing campaigns; advertisements failed A/B tests. Talk about actual shots of your analytics and real numbers.

For people who engage with blogger outreach services for business, they can start an English literature course or a short course in creative writing at a local community college or nearby language institution. Focus on short stories or essay writing.

Create Contents in an Unorthodox Style

Create Contents in an Unorthodox Style.png

As a marketer, you should know that content marketing is more than just about writing. It’s about undeviating content creations such as podcasts, webinars, ebooks, white papers, presentations, infographics, case studies, etc.

Creating articles for these categories out of the fast-flowing river is what’s hard. Below are the sample topics that you can use as references.

  • How to make an infographic without using an original report or hiring a full-time graphic designer?
  • How to make a YouTube video that will generate thousand of likes?
  • How to create a podcast that people will listen?
  • How to make a webinar that doesn’t bore people to sleep?

It is the right time to squeeze the creative juice out of you and create contents that will transcend different audience segments.

Content Syndication


Content syndication, by definition, is the process of pushing out your website, blog or video content into third party sites, all of which as either thumbnail, snippet or full article.

Its purpose is to drive more engagements for your contents through writing them into digital contexts, boost your property traffic or just get a brand or product exposures. If you can properly utilize content syndication, it can increase your visibility and online reputation.

Tips for successful content syndication:

  • Measure everything. Measure the rate of progress that syndication provides to the growth of your referral traffic, organic search results, page views and return visits.
  • Track everything. You need to analyze the sites that house your contents, who are engaging with them, and what the audience do after reading your contents.


Facilitation is a medium of collaboration that often takes place in a free webinar or digital conference which features panelists and complementary brands. It will draw more attendees than a solo event would do.

This idea is growing popular due to the free collaboration which produces valuable contents. Collaboration is a good platform to help marketers reach a relevant and larger audience and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Tips for a successful facilitation:

  • Get the right partners. It’s paramount that you get partners whose values and target audiences are similar to yours.
  • Develop a strategy that benefits both parties. The most successful campaigns possess a shared vision that works well for the goals of both companies.



Storytelling is another effective medium of communicating with your target audiences. But, you need to base your story not only with the success elements but also in the context of content marketing.

Of course, the end goal is to engage with your target audience and produce valuable lead insights that will convert your readers into customers.

In the context of content marketing, a great story is not just any story, but should conform on the following elements:

  • A Great Story Comes From Brand Advocates.
  • A Great Story Reflects Your Core Values.
  • A Great Story Conveys A Powerful Message.
  • A Great Story Makes A Happy Heart.



Creating an informative, educational and meaningful content remains a top priority for marketers more than ever. Although, the platforms and venues of where and how marketers publish their contents are changing.

It’s good that you follow the trends, but if these methodologies don’t yield the results that you expect, you can always opt for unconventional methods. Remember that your options don’t just stop at letters A, B or C, it will stretch for as far as letter Z.

Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
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