I love comments and feedback. I always wait for a comment to appear on my dashboard and the things to pop in my mailbox. Below are some easy guidelines to comment better:

  • Be polite. Write to the topic. You may not use objectionable words, however critics and spicy comments are always welcomed.
  • If you didn’t understand any facts in an article, you may ask me to elaborate by mentioning the paragraph.
  • If you don’t own a gravatar, an image which is shown with your name, then you may visit and sign-up for a Gravatar account. Well, it’s not compulsory — it’s just for fun.
  • You can add an image to your comment by typing the image url. When moderating the comment, I’ll contest that url into an image.
  • To insert a YouTube / Vimeo / TED / VodPod video, just enter [servicename=http://videourl] For example to insert a video of YouTube, type [youtube=] Above will render this:

You may use LaTeX codes to write mathematical formulas into comments. Use following pattern to write a LaTeX code:
$ [Your LaTeX code without bracket] $ .
For example, to write

just type

$ \dfrac{1}{\pi} = \dfrac{\sqrt{8}}{9801} \displaystyle{\sum_{n=0}^{\infty}} \dfrac{(4n)!}{{(n!)}^4} \cdot \dfrac{[1103+26390n]}{396^{4n}}$ 
  • If you wrote something wrong/inappropriate, then remember that you can neither edit or delete your posted comment. So, if you need to improve it — just write another comment or tweet me a mention @wpgaurav or mail me at
  • You own your comment’s copyright. You may ask me to delete your comment anytime using the same email you used in your comment.
  • I respect your privacy. Your email will neither be published nor distributed. Your email can however be used for two reasons:
    1. To show your gravatar.
    2. To contact you for further feedback.

You can either start a new conversation or continue an existing one. Please don't use this comment form just to build backlinks. If your comment is not good enough and if in some ways you are trying to just build links — your comment will be deleted. Use this form to build a better and cleaner commenting ecosystem. Students are welcome to ask for help, freebies and more. Your email will not be published or used for any purposes.

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