Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Energy Systems

Solar panels are the talk of the town as they are fast becoming a constant feature in homes and even commercial properties. Sustainable energy use is necessary in the modern world as global warming is threatening ecosystems and making the world uncomfortable to live in. Solar energy contributes greatly to a greener climate and as more homes adopt solar systems, solar companies are now able to offer solar products cheaper and of better quality than ever before. This article will open your eyes to solar energy systems and the factors you should consider before installing solar systems. 

How do Solar Panels Work?

black and silver solar panels (Solar Energy Systems)

To benefit fully from solar energy, it is important to understand how solar systems work. The solar panel is the first main component. Without it, solar energy from the sun cannot be converted into electricity. Photovoltaic cells within the solar panel convert the sun’s energy into electricity which flows to an inverter. The inverter converts the Direct Current (DC) into Alternative Current for use in your grid. However, in between, there is a battery system that stores the excess energy during the day and uses it at night. The Inverter-Converter combo works to control the electric flow throughout your house during the day and night. 

Choosing the Best Solar Company

Solar panel companies don’t always sell all these components at once. You might need to source each component from a different supplier and this is where you might need a qualified solar installer to source for you the racks, batteries, converters, inverters and grid wiring. For example, the best solar companies in Los Angeles offer all these in one package, including a qualified and certified installer to do everything for you. Similarly, you need to see what top brands in your city offer.

The installer will come and measure the size of your roof to determine the surface area of solar panels that will be required. They will then assess your energy needs as they currently are and create an allowance for an increase in your consumption. This will give them an indication of just how much power you need during the day and at night. 

What Happens when there is Insufficient Sunlight?

Sometimes the amount of sunlight reaching the solar system may be limited and this may negatively affect access to electricity. Though there are many advancements on effective solar panels, these innovations are not yet fully commercialized and it might take some time to fully realize them at the domestic level. You can opt for larger battery packs that will store more energy during the day, and then limit energy usage at night. You can use generators alongside solar energy to cover the energy shortfall during winter.

Good solar companies will also advise on whether to combine grid and solar energy for your home. Some homes may require both based on their energy consumption and their access to quality solar. If your house is somewhere where there will be limited solar access, then the installer will advise a combination of grid and solar systems. This will greatly reduce your electricity bills and also add reliability in case grid electricity is off.