5 Casino Games That Strike a Balance Between Entertainment and Prize Potential

We are somehow wired to think that the sole purpose of playing casino games – or any other form of gambling – is to win money. Sure, the winning (and the losing) is certainly an integral part of casino games’ raison d’être, but entertainment should also play a role in determining which games you should play. 

At a modern casino, certainly in the online sector, we see more effort put it into creating games that have at least as much emphasis on entertainment as the financial element. Many new games have arrived that perfectly blend the allure of winning big prizes and having fun at the same time. As long as you play responsibly, there are some games that you can enjoy even if you don’t make a profit afterwards.

We have already discussed the types of games that are loved most in India and over the world. In India, sports betting is on the rise, in Thailand various casinos are going sublegal and in the Korean peninsula, Baccarat (바카라) & Poker (포커) like games are most loved.

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Below we are going to list some of those games available online, highlighting the factors that make them a sure thing to deliver entertainment and big prize potential:

Britain’s Got Talent Slot (Playtech)

The “Got Talent” tv show format is known around the world, including in India with India’s Got Talent. So, it is no surprise that this has become a hugely popular casino game. You can check the details for yourself at this Indian site: casino.com/in/slots/britains-got-talent/; but you can probably guess that the game tries to incorporate all the fun and frolics of the tv talent show. There are big prizes too, with the jackpot of 10,000 x the line bet on offer. 

The Goonies: Never Say Die (Blueprint)

One of the most action-packed games ever released at online casinos, The Goonies slot features several unique bonus features and special in-reel bonus modifiers. You will, of course, recognise that the game is based on the classic 1985 movie, the Goonies, and it has been officially licensed to incorporate footage from the movie into the slot. This is the kind of game where anything can happen in an instant, and you could spend weeks playing it and still not discover all the special features. The main prize attraction comes with One-Eyed Willie’s Bonus, where you can win thousands of times your stake. 

Age of the Gods Roulette (Playtech)

It’s roulette, but not as you know it. Age of the Gods Roulette follows a theme of the Greek Myths, with powerful gods like Zeus and Athena determining your winnings. The game follows the rules of classic roulette, but there is a fascinating bonus game where the gods will decide your faith. In addition, Age of the Gods has a four-tiered progressive jackpot game that could strike at any time. This game is a must for anyone who believes roulette to be dull – it will change your opinion. 

Avalon II (Microgaming)

One of the most sophisticated casino games ever made for the online market, Avalon II is based on the myths of King Arthur and the Sword of Excalibur. The slot has video game levels of entertainment, with players going on a quest to forge the sword, defeat the black knight and, ultimately, solve the riddle of the grail. At times, it does not feel like you are playing a casino game, but there are some huge prizes on offer is this masterpiece from Microgaming. 

Thundercats (Blueprint)

Another tremendous game from Blueprint, with this one based on the classic Thundercats cartoon. All the heroes from the show are present on screen, as well as the villainous Mumm-Ra. As with The Goonies above, there are many bonus games and secrets to unlock. If you can reach the top-level bonus game, then you are almost guaranteed a huge payout.