Every business needs a strategy in order to keep track of progress and to manage processes as best and streamlined as possible. Social media is extremely influential these days and has the ability to decide whether content can go viral, become popular, or slammed and ridiculed online. If you haven’t already started using live video, YouTube, or short introductory films to explain your business model, then it’s high time you gave it some very serious consideration. The use of video can help boost your search engine rankings and is an effective way to engage your clients and customers.

Using Video

YouTube has over one billion monthly users – that’s almost one-third of people on the internet.

Consider using Working Beautifully to help you create high-quality content and then upload it to video-sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo, as well as the full spectrum of social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Periscope. You can upload videos to Facebook, but bear in mind that the average video on this platform is only 44 seconds long. With Instagram, you can record up to 60 seconds of video (150MB file limit).

Live Streaming

If you’re keen to post video but are worried about having to edit it to exceptional professional standards, then consider live streaming to get your message across and to show the public sphere what it is that you can offer them, how your product or service works, and the quality of what you offer functioning in real time. Live streaming can be a useful solution if you wish to publish educational or instructional content for others to follow along to without having to go to the trouble of perfectly trimming it whilst adding crisp, clear audio.

Know Your Audience

As a business, you need to know who your target market is. Once you know this, you can then work to further interest them and maintain their intrigue. Existing customers and clients are extremely helpful as they hold the power to spread the word; either good or bad about your company, its quality, service, and reputation. You need to foster a good relationship with these individuals and build trust using social media. Send emails to them to alert them to upcoming deals, offers, and discount, communicate with them in comment sections underneath video content on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, for example, and use their testimonials as part of your advertising strategy both online and offline.


You can use social media to educate your staff on routine practices and tasks. You can do this using a form of e-learning, whereby new members of your team learn about the job specifications online using a video link. You can then communicate back and forth with them over messaging functions to discuss any difficulties they might have or questions that need to be asked and answered, respectively. So, when you have a new staff cohort to train, you can ask that they finish their training in their own time, or at least come to work having already learned some of the processes involved with the job beforehand.

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