5 Best Productivity Apps to Improve Your Writing Skills

These days, students and business entities have technological resources that they never did before. These applications and programs can help them to turn in finished writing products that they polish so that they’re professional-seeming.

Whether you’re in high school, college, or you have joined the business world, it pays for you to know about some of the tools that are out there. Here are five of the best productivity apps that should enable you to produce highly-polished writing projects.

Productivity AppFeaturesOur RatingGet app
ProWritingAid✔ Free to start
✔ Grammar Checker
✔ Plagiarism Checker
✔ Desktop, Chrome Apps
✔ Scrivener Integration
✔ Microsoft WordPress Add-in
4.8Get App
Milanote✔ Writing
✔ Collaboration
✔ Arranging
✔ Evernote Alternative
✔ Free
4.7Get App
Scribus✔ Open Source
✔ Page Layout Building
✔ Professional approach
✔ InDesign Alternative
✔ Free
4.5Get App
FocusWriter✔ Timers and alarms
✔ Daily goals
✔ Fully customizable themes
✔ Free
4.2Get App
Calendar✔ Online
✔ Schedules & Meetings
✔ Better focus & Productivity
✔ Free to start
4.2Get App


ProWritingAid - Best Productivity Apps to Improve Your Writing Skills

The ProWritingAid application is one that people often mention when they want to produce a professional writing project. You can use it for business and corporate editing, and for creative writing projects as well. This app serves as:

  • A style guide
  • An online editor
  • A writing coach

It highlights many potential writing pitfalls that you otherwise might overlook. It checks for vague and abstract words in your writing. It also looks for overused words, transition issues, and redundancies.

The free version lets you upload documents and access over 20 in-depth writing reports that will clarify your texts accurately and quickly.


Milanote  - Best Productivity Apps to Improve Your Writing Skills

The Milanote app is another great one for both students and individuals in professional settings. It’s a tool that you can use before you begin a writing project. The basic idea is that you’re organizing your thoughts on visual boards.

With it, you can:

  • Keep track of scene order
  • Look at character relationships
  • Write reminders‘ of story elements you need to add

Let’s say that you are writing a story for class, or you’re writing an eBook for your job. You can use Milanote either before you start the project, or while you’re working on it.

You can write to-do lists and notes and keep them all in the same place. You can also upload images and files if you’re going to add some visual elements to the eventual finished product.


Scribus Logo

The Scribus app is another exciting application for writing productivity. When you write something professionally or as a student, you might need to present that writing in a visually captivating way. Maybe you’re using what you wrote as part of a presentation to the class or a group of coworkers or investors.

Scribus lets you present your writing as part of a rich visual layout. It’s kind of like Adobe InDesign. However, Scribus is free, which is always great if you’re a student and don’t have a lot of spare cash lying around.


FocusWriter Best Productivity Apps to Improve Your Writing Skills

Its creators designed the FocusWriter app to keep you on-task as you immerse yourself in a project for work or class. This is the application that will make sure you don’t bog yourself down in social media or some other handy distraction.

With it, you get a word-processor interface that is clean and clutter-free. If you’re in the first part of the creation process, and you want to get words down on the screen before you do your in-depth editing, then FocusWriter is an excellent choice for helping you.



The Calendar application will let you achieve better focus, save time, and be more productive. This is an app that uses AI to learn about your priorities, the more you use it.

It has been featured on Inc, Forbes, CNN, and Entrepreneur, which indicates how widespread its use has become both by students and in workplaces. There is a free version of it, as is true with many of these apps, or you can also pay a yearly or monthly subscription fee and get more features.

Through it, your friends or coworkers can schedule an appointment with you when it’s convenient. You only allow those you trust access to the app. The calendar will also keep you from ever overbooking because it blocks off times when you already have meetings scheduled.

When you look at some of these apps, try to ask yourself what your biggest challenges are as a writer. Are you scatterbrained? Do you get distracted easily?   

Perhaps you have a tough time keeping everything together in one place, or you find yourself frantically scrambling to get an assignment done the night before it is due. Whatever the case might be, technology now exists that should be able to help you.

These applications are a solid place to start. However, you should also look into things like cloud-based technology, organizational apps with proven templates, and customizable platforms where your fellow students or coworkers can easily communicate with you.

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