Best Online Casino Web Hosting Providers

Are you looking for a fast and cost-effective web host for your online casino business? There are not many hosting services that allow you to host casino websites on their servers. If you are really going to invest your heart and soul into such a business, you must choose a webhost that is good for the long term. In this article, I have listed some of the best online casino web hosting providers.

Facts to Consider while Choosing a Casino Web Hosting

There are a lot of things that you need to consider while opting for a web host. Some hosts don't allow casino websites and hosting your site on such hosts may cost your whole business. I have seen them delete the whole site without warning. So be sure to confirm with the hosting support whether or not they allow casino sites on their server.

Here are some other key facts that you must remember:

  1. The host must be reliable. They should be able to communicate well with you/your developer.
  2. Online casinos are resource-heavy businesses so make sure that their servers can handle high pressure on festive occasions and also during gaming tournaments.
  3. The host/server will also have to be in a country that allows gambling. Not complying with this can get your site deleted and the local government can even pose legal threats.
  4. You should always choose a dedicated server or VPS with a dedicated IP, so that you can install all types of programs on it. Don't even think about going for a shared hosting. [Read the difference between a dedicated server, VPS and shared hosting.]
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Best Online Casino Web Hosts

Considering all the reasons above, I have done some intensive research and created this list of the best web hosting providers for online casino websites. Please note that casino websites are different than casino blogs and comparison websites. The latter kind of websites can be hosted on all sorts of web hosts. For a casino website, fully-fledged software installation and payment integration are required and you need specific server configurations - that's why the need for an online casino portal is different. That is why the choice of an online casino web host is different.

HostingWhy?Get Hosting
AbeloHostCheaper pricing, better customer support, cPanel and Casino blog/website supportGet AbeloHost
W3SpaceFastest Casino Webhost, Premium SupportGet W3Space
Webcare36024/7 support, dedicated IPs, variety of webtoolsGet Webcare360

Things to Consider When Selecting a Casino Website Host

There are several things to consider when choosing a host provider for a website, especially when it comes to different businesses like gaming, casino sites, flash games, heavy content based news blogs, services and so on. In order to choose a casino site host provider, the following things are to be considered. Such as,

  • Price: The Price should be ROI, as you invest in hosting it should give you value for money as well as quality services. So always choose your budget as a cheap and best hosting provider.
  • Reliability: If you are running a casino + ecommerce website to sell your products like dice, board games, or offering free online game players, then you should consider to higher level of hosting provider, which is also cost your bit higher. Make sure that you also get an SSL certificate, a toll-free number, the best Servers and some advanced options.
  • Webspace: Most web host companies provide unlimited host space on shared hosting, but if you go for a dedicated or VPS server, you will be limited to certain features, so choose as much as you want with fast access for web design and users to play online games on your website. Good online casino design will strive to make this experience as seamless as possible.
  • Multimedia Features: Every casino website needs multimedia features to host free games, flash games, videos, audio transcripts, MIDI files for their business purposes, so make sure you’re getting those as well.
  • Technical Support: The final most important thing is support, which is always what every website owner prefers to have.

These above ideas will basically help you to choose the host provider for your website to triumph and run successfully.