10 Best Math YouTube Channels for You to Subscribe

For many people, mathematics is not just a subject – it is more of an emotion. It inspires them and becomes a lifelong passion in their lives. However, mathematics is undoubtedly tricky as well; it is not for everyone, and it always has been like that. Nonetheless, if you wish to improve your math skills or just need aid to study for your upcoming math exams, there are several excellent YouTube channels to help you out.

YouTube is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn math, whether they need a quick overview of a particular topic or a series of video lectures to improve their understanding. Although it isn’t the most efficient way of learning, it is rapidly gaining popularity as an educational resource.

As they say, you are as good as your teacher makes you. Therefore, I have discussed the ten best math YouTube channels for you to check out in this article.

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10 Best Math YouTube channels

Let's go through my picks for the 10 best math YouTube channels dedicated to mathematics, logic and beyond.


PatrickJMT is a popular YouTube channel that covers a wide range of math topics, such as algebra and geometry. Patrick Jones is the channel’s creator and owner who carefully keeps the viewers’ requirements in mind when creating content.

The videos on the channel are of outstanding quality, and you can easily see why Patrick presently has more than 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. His videos are simple to understand and ideal for people who need help with the subject or are trying to learn a particular topic better. The channel covers a wide range of math concepts in a meticulous and easily digestible manner.


Blackpenredpen is a channel that helps viewers learn how to solve basic math problems. The videos on the channel cover the most important topics related to mathematics and show you how to solve problems easily, efficiently, and quickly. It is an ideal option for people who are starting to learn about math.

The channel presently has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and has been growing more popular over time because its content ranges all the way from basic mathematics to trigonometry. The videos are pretty easy to understand, and you can use them to learn new mathematical concepts without too much effort. Also, the channel features some helpful videos for people who wish to improve their calculation skills.

Mario’s Math Tutoring

Mario’s Math Tutoring is another popular channel that helps viewers learn how to do the math. Mario DiBartolomeo, the channel’s creator and owner, regularly uploads various math problems on the channel for tutoring purposes. His manner of teaching is friendly and easy to understand, and the mathematical problems discussed are diverse and cover a wide range of concepts.

The channel presently has more than 274k subscribers on YouTube, and the videos are professionally edited, making it easy for viewers to become more efficient at math. In addition, they help you learn how to deal with any mathematical problem you might come across more effectively. Several math experts have praised the channel and hailed it as an excellent resource for beginners in math.

Stand-up Maths

Stand-up Maths is a stand-up comedy channel that focuses on using mathematics in new and innovative ways. It is managed and hosted by mathematicians who do math puzzles and tricks while performing on this stand-up show. It presently has more than one million subscribers on YouTube and puts up short and sweet videos that are funny and highly entertaining. They are an excellent choice for people looking for educational content with a hilarious flavor on YouTube.

The channel owner Matt Parker has worked hard to make the channel so entertaining that you will wonder why you ever feared math. Also, he frequently takes up exciting challenges you can’t help but watch; for example: “can we calculate 100 digits of π by hand?”. As a result, the channel has gained a large base of dedicated viewers and is continuing to grow and support its community.


Mathantics is a channel dedicated to mathematical facts and has a reputation for being one of the best YouTube channels for learning math. Rob and Jeremy created it in 2011 with the goal of making mathematics fun and engaging for everyone. Since then, the channel has grown exponentially.

The owners explain topics with the help of simple and practical visual representations. The channel has excellent videos for people looking to improve their problem-solving skills to understand the subject better. It is also helpful for students who are trying to learn how to memorize mathematical facts quickly. If you’re hoping to create a strong foundation in arithmetic, algebra, or geometry, you should certainly check out Mathantics.

Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo has many educational YouTube channels, including Eddie Woo Math. He mainly covers a wide range of mathematical and scientific topics, such as algebra and geometry. On the channel, he teaches many different types of mathematical concepts, such as the binomial theorem, calculus, probability, and trigonometry.

From a student who did not enjoy math much, Eddie has grown to become a math teacher who educates and inspires several students across the world. He presents his videos in a unique manner that makes them easy to understand for people who are new to math. The channel has more than 1.6 Million subscribers, and it’s easy to see why because Eddie’s videos are genuinely well-done and easy to understand.

Professor Leonard

If you’re looking for a YouTube channel that deals with slightly advanced mathematical concepts, you needn’t look further than Professor Leonard. On his channel, he provides high-quality videos with hours of detailed discussions on a wide range of topics, including calculus, differential equations, statistics, etc.

He teaches in a very engaging manner and not only covers mathematics in its own right but also helps viewers understand the subject's essence and how one can apply it in the real world. The channel presently has more than 665k subscribers on YouTube. It is an ideal platform for people who need help in math, such as basic mathematics and subtraction.


Created and managed by Grant Sanderson, 3Blue1Brown is a channel that covers a wide range of mathematical topics intending to make Maths exciting and entertaining for all. It also has some educational videos related to elementary mathematics, such as improving your math skills and learning fractions. Presently, the channel has more than a million subscribers on YouTube.

Although 3Blue1Brown mainly deals with math, it is also helpful for people who want to improve their problem-solving skills. Grant presents his math lectures through animated videos that help you visualize and retain the key concepts. Apart from videos on regular topics such as binomial distribution, calculus, and linear algebra, he has also provided some off-beat videos on different mathematical theories.


Founded and run by Brady Haran, Numberphile is a channel for everyone who loves numbers and finds math beautiful. It features a wide range of videos related to number theory and discusses prime and factorial numbers, concepts of infinity, pi, etc., in detail. It also has exciting podcasts and videos on abstract topics such as Hope Diamond, The Mathematics of Surviving Zombies, and The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake.

Most of the videos are easy to understand for anyone with a bit of math knowledge. They cover favorite topics of math enthusiasts, such as Euler’s formula and more advanced mathematics. Moreover, it lets you learn about Graham’s number from the world-famous mathematician Ron Graham himself!  Presently, it has more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids

You must know that early education and development are essential for future learning outcomes. As its name suggests, Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids is dedicated to children and helps orient young minds toward mathematics. It covers a wide range of math topics, such as numbers, basic concepts of multiplication, ratios, subtraction, shapes etc.

It features high-quality and colorful animated videos that will win the hearts of the young audience and help them take a greater interest in math and perform better in their exams. The channel is run by a math teacher who creates the videos and includes topics many children will find interesting, such as apples and numbers.


The channels I’ve listed here have been helping millions of people (including students and parents) clear mathematical concepts and kindle interest in the subject. I hope this article helps you find a great platform to help you with your journey through the vast and awe-inspiring domain of mathematics.