Hospitality is a very noble word. It’s been the substance of human civilization for thousands of years. Who knew this eternal humanity property will someday arise as a great timeless career? It hasn’t just become a good career option but is also the guide of living well. Hotel and Catering is now one of the largest industries employing millions of people. Hotel Management courses are the upfront ways to get in this sector.

These days, Hotel Management is considered as the career option with highest possible hiring chances. After graduating these, you will be able to join viable hotels & restaurants at striking salary packages. There are more than 400 Hotel Management & Hospitality colleges in India.

If you have just passed your 10+2 from a recognized board, you can apply for B. Sc. /BHM courses in different hotel management institutes. Candidates are mainly selected to these courses through entrance exams. Institutes of Hotel Management, the IHMs, are the first admission choice for anyone choosing this career. If you couldn’t get into IHM or simply don’t want to, you can easily opt for other institutions. “Institute of Hotel Management” (IHM) colleges offer their degrees via Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). Private & other recognized colleges have different university affiliations. Basic course fees for HM courses may vary from 0.1 million to 0.8 million rupees and the course duration may differ from three to four years. At one end where IHM Kolkata offers Hotel Management at 0.22 million rupees for three years B. Sc., Christ University takes 0.4 million for 4 years BHM courses.

Top Hotel Management Institutes in India

Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi


ihmpusaIHM, New Delhi is undoubtedly India’s top hotel management institute in terms of both quality of education and the placement opportunities. This institute offers B. Sc. (3 years) and M. Sc. (2 years) in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.


Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata


IHM, Kolkata is India’s one of the top hospitality colleges. It offers 3-years’ B. Sc. degrees in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.


Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore


Located at fastest growing market in India, IHM Bangalore will be the most beneficial institute to choose. It has the lowest course fees in the country. IHM Bangalore has B. Sc. & M. Sc. courses in Hotel Management and it does also offer a three years diploma in Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition.



Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Chennai

ihm chennaiIHM Chennai offers B. Sc. (3 years) & M. Sc. (2 years) in Hospitality and Hotel Administration. It goes at fourth place in our list.


Institute of Hotel Management, Goa


Goa outmatches any tourist place in the hospitality and catering opportunities. IHM Goa is an IHM at possibly the most suitable location. It offers B. Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.


In this list of top five hotel management colleges in India, you’ll find no other institute than IHMs. Started together in 1960s, these institutes are the symbols of excellence in hospitality and catering. If you are looking for more options than this list, you may try the Collegedunia’s list of top hotel management colleges in India.

Our Rating to Top 5 Colleges

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  1. At the current time, Hotel Management is considered as the career option with highest possible hiring chances. Still I m doing hotel management course. I love to do this course. You shared such an informative and valuable blog with us. Thanks

  2. Nice information about Management institutes in India. Thank you for sharing such helpful information. I also know a top management college named Indo Global Education Foundation (IGEF) Chandigarh Punjab. IGEF offers various MBA, PGDM and Engineering courses.

  3. Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a brilliant writer. I would like to add one more Hotel Management institute i.e Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management (SRIHM) if you are in Mumbai.

  4. Wow all about hospital management…I ws searching for the details on hotel management course. Can you please provide the career opportunity after completing this coure. I wanted to know more about it. I wish to take hotel management course. ITM too has many of courses offered on hotel management.

  5. A nice list of colleges, Gaurav. One of the hotel management college is ITM Institute of Hotel Management. It has three state-of-the-art campuses at Oshiwara (Mumbai), Noida and Navi Mumbai. It offers three year degree courses and one year diploma course.

  6. Quantum is one of the best colleges in India which offer provides top best hospitality and management course in India. It offers courses in hospitality and management like BHM course in Uttarakhand India, which is one of the popular courses among students. It provides industrial certification and helps students to enhance their skills in catering and managing and logistic support. It helps students to make a career in the hotel industry.

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