12 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

WordPress forms are one of the most used methods to capture leads, answer support queries and receive feedback. Almost every website and blog has a dedicated contact page. On WordPress, building a full-featured contact form is just a click away, thanks to the WordPress Contact Form plugins or more generally WordPress form plugins.

On WordPress websites, contact form plugins offer way more than just a way to connect the website owners and readers. You can use these to create not just a contact form but a full-fledged marketing system. You can generate leads, sell digital goods, gain subscribers to your mailing list, add inputs to CRM and databases, create pricing calculators and more all by just using a great plugin.

In this article, I have collected some of the best contact form plugins for WordPress that you should use. These are all trusted and used by millions of businesses, bloggers and marketers all around the world.

If you are looking for a good contact form/marketing solution you can use one of the mentioned plugins.

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Contact Form Plugins for WordPress content

This list contains 10 free and premium contact form plugins. The features of most of the contact form plugins are more or less the same – like building contact forms, embedding those anywhere, and receiving replies via email.

If a contact form plugin adds or lacks an important feature, I will mention that in this list. Premium upgrades and other pricing details are provided in the list and also in the table at the bottom.

Without further delay, let's start with the number one contact form plugin.



WPForms is more than just a contact form plugin. It is one of the best business tools that you must install once you are done setting up your WordPress website. While the free version of WPForms is limited (but equally as good as CF7) – the premium version offers dozens of addons and limitless opportunities.

With WPForms you can build literally any kind of form, including but not limited to pricing calculators, admission forms, publishing forms, estimate calculators, resume builders, login-register forms, email subscription forms, polls, surveys and more. All these you can do with drag and drop.

WPForms also has a library of 300 templates that users can use to import prebuilt forms and get started in minutes. These templates can be customized as per your needs.

WPForms integrates natively with WP SMTP – an email delivery service that lets you send WordPress emails using your own email provider, helping you engage with your leads better. Plus it has integrations with most of the CRMs, PayPal, Stripe, Square payments, captcha services as well.

Pricing: Free or $39.50/year to $299.50 per year

You can learn more about WPForms here or download the free version to get started.

Gravity Forms

gravity forms screenshot

Gravity Forms is an advanced premium contact form plugin for WordPress. Since it is premium, it has everything – drag and drop builder, modern design, spam protection, responsive layout and the ability to build all types of forms.

There are separate license versions that you can buy and depending on the price you pay, you get a different number of add-ons and features.

Pricing: $59 per year to $259 per year

You can learn more about Gravity Forms here.

Formidable Forms


Formidable Forms by Strategy11 is a powerful drag and drop contact form builder which you can use to create advanced forms like survey forms, registration and login forms, calculators and more. You can also integrate it with popular CRMs and email marketing services.

Formidable Forms is better than WP Forms in some respects, equal in some and lesser in some. Overall, Formidable Forms is the best contact form plugin for businesses and WP Forms is the best contact form plugin for beginners at the moment.

Pricing: Free or $39.50/year to $299.50 per year

You can learn more about Formidable Forms here or download the free version to get started.

Contact Form 7

contact form 7

Contact Form 7 is the best free contact form plugin but only if you know your way around it. It is completely free and is used by 5 million websites all around the world – more than any other contact form plugin.

At the core Contact Form 7 can help you create a basic contact form using an HTML editor interface. Contact Form 7 is not visual and doesn't offer a drag and drop builder as all other contact form builders in the list. This is its biggest downside and you must take this into consideration if you are going to stick with this.

If you want to do more with Contact Form 7, you can do that by installing add-ons. The CF7 add-ons are available as both free and paid plugins which you can install and use. There is an add-on available for almost every task. There is an addon even for drag and drop form building.

One of the first addons that you must install alongside Contact Form 7 is Flamingo. It's developed by the same developer and it lets you save all form entries in your WordPress database so that you don't lose any important data.

You can also use other addons to integrate CF7 with other things like email marketing services and more. Overall, the pricing workflow with Contact Form 7 will be on a pay as you grow model.

Learn more and download Contact Form 7 from here

HTML Forms

html forms

HTML Forms is the contact form plugin that I am using on gauravtiwari.org. Consider it as Contact Forms 7 but with fewer installs and adrenaline pumped into it.

HTML Forms is different than other form builders in this list and is ideal for performance-savvy bloggers, marketers and developers.

html forms form

All you need is to create forms using its HTML form builder. The plugin manages the PHP and a tiny bit of JavaScript to make your forms work.

While the free version is more than enough for most of us, you can try its premium version (at $81 per year) which supports webhooks, notification badges, file uploads and other data management features.

Download this plugin for free or learn more about the premium features here.

Fluent Forms

fluent forms

Possibly the best freemium contact form plugin right now. Fluent Forms offers premium-like features and amazing marketing integrations even in its free version. But if you chose to upgrade to Fluent Forms Pro, you get a whole lot more.

You can use Fluent Forms to not only gather contact requests but also use it convert them into subscribers and leads. The Pro version allows you to create new posts (including custom post types) directly from the form, get PayPal/Stripe payments and much more.

Fluent Forms also comes with 60+ ready-made templates and the all-new conversational form designs for a better user experience. There is a whole lot more that you can do with this contact form plugin.

Learn more about Fluent Forms here



ARForms is a freemium form builder for WordPress. Unlike other premium plugins or upgrades, ARForms which is available on CodeCanyon is a lifetime deal. It comes with a variety of features, including but not limited to marketing integrations, drag and drop form builder, spam protections, color themes, responsive forms and more.

Pricing: Free for the basic version. $39 for premium (lifetime)

You can buy ARForms from CodeCanyon or download the free version here.



HappyForms is a wonderful contact and marketing solution for WordPress. It offers an intuitive design, integration with plenty of services and great customer support. You can create forms by using a WordPress customizer like drag and drop interface, and insert the form into Classic Editor or Block Editor using shortcodes & blocks.

Pricing: Free or $53.80 to $283.60per year

You can learn more about HappyForms here or download the free version to get started.


hubspot plugin

Hubspot is more than just a contact form builder. It is a complete marketing suite for businesses. Even this free WordPress plugin from Hubspot offers much more just forms. It includes a CRM, live chat, Hubspot Analytics and, obviously, contact forms. With the Hubspot plugin, you can build contact forms using drag and drop. These forms integrate deeply with Hubspot's CRM. You can use pre-built templates to quickly create forms or use the visual editor to start from scratch.

Pricing: Free

You can download the Hubspot plugin here. Looking to take you business ahead with some excellent prebuilt tools? Sign up for Hubspot for free.

Ninja Forms


Trusted by over a million websites, Ninja Forms is a beginner-friendly drag and drop form builder for WordPress. While the free version is a bit limited, the premium version can help you create forms of all types that are required to capture leads and get contact requests.

Pricing: Free or $29 to $249 per year

You can learn more about Ninja Forms here or download the free version to get started.

Jetpack Forms

jetpack forms

The popular Jetpack plugin comes with an inbuilt contact form module. This is available for free and helps you easily create a few types of contact forms. You can create forms like an appointment form, a feedback form, a newsletter signup form and a registration form using the Gutenberg/Block Editor. While the options are quite limited here, Jetpack forms is more than enough for those bloggers and marketers who don't need much for their websites.

Pricing: Free

You can learn more about Jetpack Forms here or download the Jetpack plugin to get started.


forminator contact form for WordPress

Forminator is a free (with an optional premium version) WordPress contact form plugin from the WPMU Dev team. It comes with variety of features, prebuilt layouts, drag and drop builder, calculation support, responsive layout and CRM integrations – mostly for free.

Pricing: Free or $6 per month or $60 per year

You can learn more about Forminator here or download the free version to get started.

Contact Forms Comparison

PluginFree VersionPremium VersionDownload
Contact Form 7AvailableTotally FreeFree Download
HTML FormsAvailable$81 per yearFree Download
Fluent FormsAvailable$59/year-$299 for lifetimeLearn more
WP FormsAvailable$39.50-$299.50 per yearLearn More
Gravity FormsNot Available$59-$259 per yearLearn More
Formidable FormsAvailable$39.50-$299.50 per yearLearn More
ARFormsAvailable$39 (once)Learn More
HappyFormsAvailable$53.80-$283.60 per yearLearn More
HubspotAvailableSaaS Based PricingFree Download
Ninja FormsAvailable$29-$249 per yearLearn More
Jetpack FormsAvailableTotally FreeFree Download
ForminatorAvailable$60 per yearLearn More

Which Contact Form Should I use?

With a number of options available, you may still have doubts on which one to pick. If you are unsure, I will always suggest that you go with WP Forms. It's beginner-friendly and free for most needs.

But if you have some specific requirements, here are my recommendations:

  • If you know a bit of HTML and can read the documentation – go for HTML Forms
  • If you are already using Jetpack – use Jetpack Forms
  • If you are a serious business – use Gravity Forms
  • If you want to add pricing calculations and more – use Gravity Forms
  • If you are looking to save time on building forms – use the premium version of WP Forms
  • If you are looking for a visually pleasing form experience – use HappyForms
  • For all other purposes, use WP Forms or Fluent Forms.
  • If you need to work with webhooks, try WP Forms or HTML Forms premium

So, this is all from me in this article. Be sure to check out all my other lists of the best WordPress plugins: