Automotive BDC Can Give Car Dealerships Best Phone Support

Running car dealerships isn’t easy. Aside from making sure that you offer high-quality and reasonably-priced vehicles, you also have to prioritize in providing the best customer service. Customers are the lifeblood of your car dealership. Without them, you can never earn profits.

Countless car dealerships around the world can offer the same years, makes, and models, but their level of customer service will surely be different. If you want your car dealership to stand out from the competition, an automotive BDC (Business Development Center) can be a cost-effective investment.

Aside from answering customer phone calls and providing interaction through the phone, automotive BDC also works by enhancing the marketing efforts of a car dealership. This technology allows car dealerships to focus on its customer service and marketing strategies while still having enough resources to work on other important facets of the business.

An automotive BDC can give car dealerships the best phone support through the following:

Instead of Selling Automobiles, Automotive BDC Focuses On Scheduling Appointments

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Car dealerships have to earn profits in order to grow and operate in the long run. It’ll be hard for car dealerships to continually offer new car models if they don’t generate funds. How can they afford to pay for the maintenance of their building or the salary of their employees if they’re not making any profit? 

Although selling automobiles is one of the most obvious ways of earning a profit, automotive BDCs, such as Automotive BDC: Customer Traac, can still achieve this goal by using another strategy. Instead of merely calling potential customers and selling a new car model to them, automotive BDCs will also schedule appointments as an attempt to bring in warm leads to your car dealership.

Automotive BDC provides the best phone support by scheduling appointments because, in this way, customers will feel valued. Instead of pressuring leads on the phone to buy a new car model on the spot, scheduling appointments will allow these leads to express their goals, needs, desires, and come up with a schedule to discuss the features they’re looking for in a car.

This platform can also be useful, especially for clients who have complaints or suggestions about the product they recently purchased. Scheduling appointments can also help the car dealership determine their areas for improvement.

There are Dedicated Individuals For Automotive BDC

As mentioned, customers play a vital role in the success of your business. Regardless of how cheap or unique your products are, if no single customer buys from your car dealership, don’t expect that your business will become successful. How can you earn a return on investment if there are no customers patronizing your products?

By using automotive BDC, like Customer Traac, you won’t have to worry about this problem. This service works as an extension of your own car dealership, allowing your own sales team to accomplish more significant tasks for the car dealership, rather than just staying on the phone during their entire shift. This is especially helpful for car dealerships that are still new in the industry.

Aside from removing certain tasks from the hands of your sales team, an automotive BDC has extensive training and skills in handling different types of customers on the phone. Your own sales team might take calls from customers, but can they efficiently handle them? Are they aware of the necessary steps to take when dealing with an irate customer? Are they aware of the different car models available in your dealership and how each of these works? An automotive BDC will handle this task with proficiency, making it easy for your car dealership to create a positive image in the industry.

Sure, you can always invest in your in-house sales team by letting them join training and workshops, but these will take a lot of time and don’t always warrant the best results. In worse cases, car dealerships would let their in-house sales team attend to customers on the phone without the proper training, which can spell disaster for the business. Avoid taking chances by using an automotive BDC instead.

Automotive BDC Follows A Clear And Efficient Process When Following Up With Leads

Having an in-house sales team that can handle customers through the phone isn’t enough for your car dealership to thrive. Your sales team should also follow a clear and efficient process when following up with leads on the phone. Customers who try to reach the line of your car dealership should be able to receive the same offers regardless of who they’re talking to from your sales team.

Although creating an efficient process when following up with leads might seem like an easy task, in reality, it isn’t. Coming up with this process doesn’t happen overnight, as you have to consider a lot of things first. This still doesn’t include the time and effort required to fully implement the process after its creation.

If you don’t want to waste any of your business’s resources in creating this process, it’s best if you entrust your phone support services to an automotive BDC. Since BDC staff has years of experience in the industry, using their service will give you peace of mind, knowing that all of your customers’ concerns and queries are addressed using the same process. This will make your car dealership’s customer service more fruitful.

Depending on the automotive BDC that you choose to use, this technology will usually request access to your car dealership’s CRM and use this information to create a tailored-fit quote for a vehicle for every customer. This information will be sent to your customers through e-mail, and the BDC staff will receive a notification the moment the customer opens the e-mail.

This process will make it very easy for the BDC staff to listen to the demands of every customer and respond to them after they open the e-mail. Moreover, the notification sent to the BDC staff will help them determine when is the best time to follow-up with customers.

Since automotive BDCs will already have their respective processes in place, your manpower doesn’t have to exert time and effort in making a call process that’s still uncertain if it’ll work.


Automotive BDC can significantly affect the customer service and overall performance of a car dealership. When used properly, automotive BDC can become a car dealership ticket to haul in more customers and operate for the longest time possible!

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