How to Attract Traffic to Your New Website?

Congratulations on launching your first website. Thousands of people understand how a website works, but they never take the first step.

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The next might have been hosting your website. Going through something like the best shared hosting in India may give an idea of what you should look for in a web host if you have a small site. Everything now seems set, and the hard part is attracting traffic to your site and then convert visitors into buyers. Let us explore different strategies of boosting traffic levels to your site:

Offer value

There are millions of websites out there, and you must ensure that you stand out from the rest. You cannot cover everything under the sun and still expect to attract valuable traffic. Choose a niche and then establish yourself as an authority. Give people a reason to come back to your site. Create a content calendar that helps you roll out valuable content. You can update your content, once per week or even every month. Be consistent and give people something that they can look forward to. Check your competitors and establish the gaps.  

Flow with topics with high search volumes

Which keywords do people key in on the search engines? The keywords vary from one niche to the other. For instance, if you blog about computers, people can search for keywords such as ‘best laptops under $200’. Seasons also affect keywords and search volumes. For instance, search volume for light clothing and fans increases during the summer season. The search volume of such keywords also tends to take a dip during the year’s colder months. Use tools such as Ahrefs as they will help analyze your competitors and get the right keywords. The ideal keywords are those with low competition but, at the same time, have high search volume.

Promote your content on social platforms

Where does your target audience hang out? LinkedIn attracts corporates and professionals. Facebook is the most popular platform that attracts people of all ages. Snapchat seems to favor teenagers. Instagram is for those who want to see illustrations. YouTube seems to attract diverse audiences.

All these platforms have different approaches that you can use to promote your website. For instance, Facebook and LinkedIn have newsfeeds, groups, pages, and ads that you can use to get the word out there. The formatting of content varies from one platform to the other. You can add clickable links on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. However, a platform such as Instagram allows you to add links when you have boosted your post.

Create backlinks

A good website needs to link to other webpages for it to rank. Search engines such as Google will analyze your backlink profile to determine if you are an authority or not. The ideal websites to link with are those in the same industry. There are different backlinking strategies, but also ensure that you use white hat approaches. Answering questions on forums such as Reddit and Quora can be the first approach. You can as well guest post on other websites that share similar content. Your site will also attract natural links as it grows. Keep checking the quality of the sites that link to you as disavow the harmful links.

Make your website responsive

The ideal website should load within 10 seconds on a desktop, or else you risk losing potential customers. Optimize your site for mobile because most internet surfers use smartphones in the modern world. Invest in internal linking as it lengthens visitors stay on your site. For instance, if you have a series of blog posts, you can link back to the earlier posts. Ensure that you do not have broken links on your site as it hurts your rank. Indicate your contact details on every page to make it easy for people to reach out. Have a search button where people can add queries and find any information they are looking for.

Get active

You need to create time and engage your followers on various levels. The comment section is the best starting point, where you can answer questions. You may not answer every question but you can at least show some efforts. You can collaborate with other entrepreneurs or even appear on podcasts on other sites. Such platforms allow you to tap other networks and get new followers. Be active on your social media platforms and direct the followers to your site to get more details. You can even create a question and answer session where your followers can get solutions and pour their hearts out.

Update your content regularly

The world is ever-changing. Some of the content that you posted two years ago might be outdated and irrelevant in the current world. For example, if you have an article titled “Content Marketing Tips For 2018”, you will not get clicks in 2021. The best option is to update the content on your article and the headline as well. You can use various tools to check those pages that are losing traffic and check their content.


We cannot ignore the role of ads in this digital world. Using platforms such as AdWords might all that you need to get the word out there. Ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are also essential when you want to increase traffic. Set your goals, create an ad, and then direct them to your website. The beauty of ads is that you can target an audience based on demographics or even locations.

Developing a website is not enough to attract customers. You must go the extra mile and learn how to attract traffic through the above approaches. Invest in website security and guarantee the visitors that they are in a secure environment. Be trendy and observe the industry’s best practices on content sharing and the products that you offer.