Amazon Academy Review

Online education platforms are nothing short of a boon. They offer most of the helpful features of physical classes and allow budding engineers to get a solid foundation for pursuing their dream college.

One such helpful platform which has been introduced recently is the Amazon Academy. After the successful reception of the JEE Ready app in 2019, it was rebranded as the Amazon Academy and is currently available both for iOS and Android. Within barely two months of its release, it gained significant popularity among JEE aspirants in India.

This popularity is the reason why we have decided to review to Amazon Academy app.

In this article, I have presented my views about Amazon Academy, and what it has to offer for guiding students on the path to success in their career.

About Amazon Academy

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According to Amol Gurwara, the director of education at Amazon India, Amazon Academy intends to provide high quality and affordable education facilities to students all across India.

For now, it is focusing on guiding engineering aspirants to achieve success in the JEE, BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEEE, MET, and a number of other engineering entrance exams. The company has claimed that the study material and exam content featured on the platform has been meticulously prepared by experienced faculty from all across India. Amazon India is one of many reputed companies in the country which have been venturing into the coaching industry.

Amazon Academy Review

Amazon Academy
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Amazon Academy is a wonderful platform offering high quality content for JEE preparation. Its study material, test series, and faculty are above average.

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amazon academy review

With so many options now available in the market, every platform needs to offer something unique in order to convince students to get enrolled in its courses. That is exactly what Amazon Academy does. Given below is a detailed list and description of the helpful features that you can avail from this excellent new resource.

1. Live lessons with experienced JEE teachers

Even more important than the study material (which I’ll be discussing below) is the faculty of an educational institute.

Learned and experienced teachers interact regularly with students, guide them through the vast syllabus of the subjects with patience and prudence, and encourage them to polish their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses.

Having been in the field for several years, they seem to know the common mistakes that students tend to make. Thus, they monitor their progress closely and ensure that they do not deviate from the path to their goals.

The concept of online teaching has altered the nature of the student-teacher relationship considerably. A lot of responsibility has now fallen on the shoulders of both of them to ensure that the quality of education is not compromised.

Amazon Academy does its part by providing engaging and interactive lessons that do a wonderful job in attempting to produce the lively atmosphere of a physical classroom in the comfort of your home. The teachers explain all the important concepts of the chapters simply and effectively so that students can understand them easily.

Doubts are an inevitable and important part of the learning process. In physical classes, students are able to solve their doubts with their teachers as soon as they come up. However, this is much more difficult to do in an online class. It is one of the biggest criticisms the concept of online teaching has received. After all, retaining doubts for a long can be really harmful to a student.

However, Amazon Academy largely rectifies this by introducing the concept of real-time doubt solving via chats. Students can effectively clear their doubts with the faculty via live chat.

The course material offered by a coaching platform needs to be concise, well-structured, and suitable for revision as well. After all, a student can purchase books from anywhere else. Amazon Academy’s study material is in the form of short and focused courses that help students cover all the salient points of a chapter and lay down the foundations to solve questions quickly and accurately.

2. Helpful tips and tricks for the JEE

In a regular school or university examination, a student simply needs to achieve passing marks to get a good rank and achieve his or her goal. However, competitive exams are a whole different ball game altogether. Merely achieving good marks in the exam is not sufficient at all. You are literally competing against lakhs of students for a single seat in a prestigious engineering college.

For seats in the top IITs, even the difference of a few decimal points in the percentile can result in you losing your seat to someone else. Unless you have that extra edge to beat out your rivals, you cannot hope to succeed in the exam. In such a situation, factors other than academic knowledge – such as time management, accuracy, avoidance of silly mistakes and thinking out of the box – start making a lot of difference.

The experienced teachers at Amazon Academy help you achieve this extra edge by providing a number of helpful tricks and tips along with the regular study material. These are things that you will not usually find in textbooks. For example, they provide several useful shortcuts and examination tips to help you solve questions in every subject with greater speed.  Similarly, they also provide a number of useful mnemonics to help students remember facts and data conveniently. These things are like an extra layer of armor to give you a much-needed advantage on the battlefield.

3. High-quality practice questions from the JEE syllabus

Preparation for any competitive exam is incomplete without solving practice questions at the end of each chapter. That is what helps you understand how well you have understood the concepts of the lesson in question. Amazon Academy offers a comprehensive question bank with over 10,000 practice questions that cover all the important points in the JEE syllabus.

Also included are a number of useful hints that can give you clues about solving these questions, in case you get stuck. If you still are unable to answer a question, you always have the option of consulting your teachers at Amazon Academy. For students of class XI and XII, there are detailed step-by-step solutions available for all the questions. They are helpful for developing and strengthening concepts at these early stages.

4. The All India Mock Test Series (AIMT)

After you have solved a sufficient number of practice questions, you need to assess your standing among your competitors.

For that, you must participate in a proper mock test series that simulates the environment of the actual JEE exam. It is the only way to learn about your strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving your strategy for the exam. Amazon Academy features an excellent All India Mock Test Series (AIMT), where JEE aspirants from all across the country compete with each other to solve JEE-level questions prepared by expert teachers.

After the test, you will get your all-India rank and be able to compare your performance with that of your competitors. You can also analyze your level of preparation in every individual subject with the help of detailed reports and analytics provided along with your test results.

Apart from this, you also have the option of taking a number of handpicked JEE tests to analyse your preparation anytime, and anywhere. These include chapter-wise tests, part-syllabus tests, full-syllabus tests, and previous years’ JEE papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to subscribe to Amazon Academy?

As of now, all the content on Amazon Academy is available completely free of cost. However, this offer is only available for the next few months. Amazon Academy has the rights to withdraw the availability of free content any time it chooses to. Thus, I advise you to check it out and avail its benefits while you can.

Is Amazon Academy a good substitute for an offline coaching for JEE preparation?

It is important to remember that when it comes to preparing for any competitive exam, your self-study is much more important than the coaching platform you choose to join. A coaching institute only serves as a guide to you. It can only lead you to the door to success; you are the one who needs to unlock it and walk through.

What is the AIMT schedule for class XI and XII students?

The AIMT is conducted regularly for both class XI and XII students, although the schedules for both these classes are different. If needed, you can change your class or target exam by editing the details on your profile page anytime. Also, there is a separate mock test series for class XI students which consists of full-syllabus mock tests, which have been modelled according to the latest JEE syllabus prescribed by the NTA. You can check the latest AIMT schedule and syllabus on Amazon Academy’s website anytime.

How should a student practice a particular chapter on Amazon Academy?

After finishing a chapter, you can attempt chapter-wise questions practice questions on Amazon Academy to get acquainted with the question types and patterns that you will have to face in the JEE. You can adjust the level of difficulty (easy, medium and hard) as per your requirement. You will also be given helpful hints and detailed solutions to all the questions, which will help you strengthen your concepts and understanding even more.

How can a student join a live class on Amazon Academy?

Scheduled classes will be displayed in the live lessons section on the Amazon Academy mobile app and website. There is a free crash course of six weeks for the JEE mains covering the entire JEE syllabus in all the subjects. There are also micro-courses available for class XI and XII students, covering all the must-know topics from the JEE syllabus. For the next few months, all live classes are available for free.


There are both pros and cons of both online and offline coaching platforms. However, as far as online coaching institutes are concerned, Amazon Academy is definitely an excellent choice for students. As long as you are self-studying in a sincere and honest manner, it provides all the resources you need to crack the JEE and get admission in your dream college. It is up to you to make the best of the resources that you are given.